How Government Will Use This Website to Nab Criminals

  • The Government, through the National Intelligence Service (NIS), has established a website that will be used to fight criminal activities by controlling cybercrimes as well as protect users.

    Sources within the security department indicate that the website will have a section where Kenyans can provide information on any criminal activity to the security agencies.

    Officers from the NIS, Kenya Defence Force, the Kenya Police, Administration Police will be deployed to crack down the virtual crimes.

    According to a report by the Nation, the site, dubbed, will be officially opened in approximately two months.

    [caption caption="Inspector General Joseph Boinnett at a past presser"][/caption]

    The online platform will be inclusive of the updates on developments in the security sector regarding the cyber crimes and cyber security systems.

    This new website has sparked various reactions from Kenyans as majority claim that the government will infringe on their privacy by tracking their activities on social media.

    During last year's electioneering period, there were several concerns about hateful information people shared on social media groups.

    At the moment, the country's cybersecurity system is being monitored by the Communication Authority (CA) under the Computer Incident Response and Coordination Centre.

     Currently, the site has no content, but only contains a timer profiled on top of a short video of a man typing on a laptop.

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