BBC's Ferdinand Omondi Arrested Covering Bobi Wine’s Homecoming

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  • A Kenyan journalist was arrested on Thursday in Uganda after covering vocal MP Bobi Wine’s homecoming.

    Ugandan police apprehended BBC's Nairobi correspondent Ferdinand Omondi for covering the homecoming of the troubled Kyandondo East MP.

    Omondi was detained by the security men for five hours at Entebbe airport.

    The security personnel confiscated cameras, phones and other equipment belonging to the journalist

    "I was interrogated intermittently over two hours at Entebbe Airport. I was with Bobi Wine aboard the flight to Entebbe and spoke to him; Uganda must have had spies in the plane because I was picked directly from an immigration queue," he told

    "They even went through my photos and WhatsApp. I had to erase my phone while it was in their custody," he added.

    Omondi was detained at a cell in Immigration until his return flight to Kenya.

    In a police statement, Uganda police spokesperson Emilian Kayima denied that media personalities were arrested.

    He mentioned that they were questioned in accordance with the set guidelines.

    Earlier on the day, the politician was spotted at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as he waited to board his flight to Uganda.

    Bobi Wine at JKIA