Melania Trump Shows Off Dance Moves in Kenya [VIDEO]

  • US First Lady Melania Trump with kids in Kenya Twitter
  • US First Lady Melania Trump showed off her dance moves as she was welcomed to an orphanage in Gigiri, Nairobi.

    During the Friday visit, the US First Lady greeted, sang and danced with the children at The Nest Children's Home before she was briefed on their progress and undertakings.

    Melania held a baby as she thanked the orphanage staff for taking care of the children.

    Later, she was photographed playing with one of the children who was scrolling as the toddler looked at her with dismay.

    Melania Trump with a baby during her visit to Kenya

    She was seen walking up the orphanage path holding hands with two children as the others sang while marching and dancing towards a shelter surrounded by journalists with cameras and security agents.

    Melania read a story to the same group of young ones with applauses as another child read a story about the 'lion and the mouse'.

    "That's another book? You have great taste," Melania was heard telling the young boy who was reading the story to the audience.

    Before visiting the orphanage, she was accompanied to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

    Melania was photographed holding the ear of an elephant and she looked at it keenly.

    At one point, a Secret Service agent was forced to step forward to protect her after being nudged by a baby elephant she petted.