6 Celebrities Gang Up to Roast Jeff Koinange

  • A collage photo of Jalang'o, Jeff Koinange and Erick Omondi. Facebook
  • Jeff Koinange became the butt of so many jokes when he decided to challenge six celebrities to throw all manner of insults at him. 

    In 2015, he invited comedians Jalang'o, Erick Omondi, Butita, Larry Asego, Chipukeezy and musician Frasha to an event dubbed 'The Roast of Jeff Koinange' at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi. 

    The event was organised such that the comedians were supposed to ridicule the news anchor about whatever they wished.

    Larry Asego who opened the floor took a jab at Jeff's book; Through My African Eyes. He joked that reading the book was so tiring because Jeff's big eyes gave him an extra large perspective of Africa.

    He also explained that the reason the event started late was that Jeff was relaxing his hair.

    Chipukeezy joked that God gave the JKL host a fearful face to compensate for all the nice things he had blessed the scribe with. 

    "Ile kitu tu Jeff amenyimwa na Mungu ni sura. Jeff Unasura mbaya! (The only thing that Jeff was not gifted are fair looks. Jeff you have an unattractive face)," started Chipukeezy. 

    He added that God must have delegated the job of creating Jeff's face to King Nebuchadnezzar (who was turned into a beast by God) and instead of molding Koinange in God's image, the king created him in his own image. 

    Chipukeezy also took a jab at Butita by saying that he had a cat just like Jeff. However, the only difference was that while the journalist and his cat always ate dinner, Butita and his cat would sometimes sleep hungry. 

    When it was Eric Omondi's turn, he accused the presenter of always airing his guests' dirty laundry during interviews; even secrets told to him in confidence.

    He also urged Jeff to buy bigger seats for his interviews because he was known to get so close to his guests that he often suffocated them.

    Jalong'o who performed last joked that when Jeff's ancestors were dividing their property among the extended Koinange family, all Jeff got was a salon. 

    The comedian alleged that Jeff was only famous because of his last name. He added that if Jeff was to identify himself using his middle name, Mwaura, his social status would be that of a random butcher.