Dennis Okari's Tweets on Wedding Day Cause Confusion

  • NTV anchor Dennis Okari tied the knot with his fiancée Joy Naomi in an invite-only event on 15/2/2019. Facebook
  • NTV anchor Dennis Okari, on Friday, tied the knot with his fiancée Joy Naomi in a colourful ceremony at a church in Nairobi.

    The ceremony was a private affair where only invited guests were granted access to the venue.

    Here is the video from the ceremony:

    Away from the exchange nuptials, it was his tweets that seemed to capture the attention of Kenyans online.

    His official Twitter account was on official business as it still pushed out news items, particularly developing stories. 

    The first tweet that went out was in the morning where he informed his followers on the ongoing demolition of Prime Place Restaurant near Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi.

    An observant tweep replied with, "Uko wedding na bado unatweet! Concentrate (You are getting married and you are still tweeting. Concentrate)."

    At midday when photos of the ceremony emerged online, his account sent out a tweet regarding the summoning of CS Najib Balala by the EACC over an alleged irregular award of a Ksh100 Million contract to American Society of Travel Agents-Kenya in 2017. 

    Again, netizens were on his case with one wondering, "Si you just got married? (Didn't you just get married?)"

    In the evening, Okari's twitter account put out that a Wajir County Assembly Clerk, Osman Mohamed had been apprehended for declining to produce documents on the purchase of Kshs26 Million car for the governor.

    "Haiya hauko honeymoon? (Aren't you on your honeymoon?)" one user quipped.

    A tweet by Dennis Okari's official account on his wedding day.

    "How do you tweet on your wedding day. Stress huwa mingi sana. (the nerves are unbearable). You will not even notice who didn't show up on your wedding day," another noted.

    Others advised the news anchor to give social media a break on his big day as his habit could anger his new bride.

    "Huyo bibi pia atatoroka if you don’t leave Twitter hata siku ya wedding (Your wife will leave you if you don't put Twitter aside, even on your wedding," one user stated.

    Trying to find out how it is possible that his account could have been tweeting while Okari was at the ceremony, this writer reached out to a social media manager to give clarity on the situation.

    According to Digital Strategist Kevin Wandu, it is not uncommon for personalities with a huge online presence to have a social media manager.

    "Given the amount of content they have to churn out, having an account manager has become a necessity for such personalities. So during the ceremony he probably had his account manager put out generic content," Wandu opined.

    Here are some of the reactions from Okari's post: