Larry Madowo Meets Sophia the Robot, Kenyans Can't Keep Calm

  • BBC journalist Larry Madowo on Monday had a chance to meet world's most famous robot, Sophia.

    Larry was hosting the Global Mobile Awards (#GLOMOAwards) and the Mobile World Congress 2019 (#MWC19) in Barcelona, Spain.

    Following the meet up, Madowo posted a selfie expressing his excitement, "The world’s most famous robot knows my name!

    "Sophia even asked me to invite her to Kenya," the journalist exclaimed about the robot running on artificially intelligent software.

    Madowo further revealed that he would be presenting one of the #GLOMOAwards categories on Wednesday together with the social humanoid robot at the #MWC19.

    The post attracted a series of hilarious reactions from netizens ranging from praise to bewilderment.

    Others, in possible ignorance, likened Sophia to the infamous sex doll, Samantha.

    Unlike Samantha, Sophia can follow faces, sustain eye contact, and recognize individuals.

    Sophia was developed by Hong Kong based company Hanson Robotics and activated on February 14, 2016.

    The social humanoid robot has sophisticated abilities including the ability to display more than 50 facial expressions and has participated in many high-profile interviews.

    By using cameras within her eyes that are combined with computer algorithms, Sophia is able to see.

    Besides, the robot is able to process speech and have conversations using a natural language subsystem.

    A later upgrade in January 2018 equipped Sophia with functional legs and the ability to walk.

    Here is a video of Sophia's story: