DCI George Kinoti Excites Kenyans With Impressive Shooting Skills

  • Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti impressed Kenyans in a video posted on Twitter of him showcasing his unrivalled shooting skills.

    Even though the DCI director does not practice shooting regularly, he managed to prove that he is a true marksman with an expert's capacity for doing his job.

    The security chief also showcased his expertise in handling different kinds of firearms.

    Kinoti was received on Wednesday at the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) Training School by Commandant Joseph Kodi Damji.

    He visited the facility for purposes of superintending special training that is offered to new officers that are enlisted to the DCI.

    Reports indicate that more than 42 officers are currently under training at the facility.

    While addressing the trainees at ASTU, he informed them, “Always be guided by these three principles: discipline, hard work & the fear of God.”

    Netizens were quick to react to the actions of the investigations chief with many congratulating him, admiring and simply wishing him well.

    Kinoti stood out as a chief security official that helped a lot in dealing with the Dusit D2 terrorist attack that left Kenyans terrified in January.

    He arrived at the venue within minutes after the attack and remained alert and stationed at the scene for around 18 hours with no food or sleep while taking charge of the operation.

    The first responders of security officers managed to counter the attack of the terrorist under his leadership. He also led a specialised bomb team to comb the area.

    Watch the Video below 

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