Funny Reactions as Kenyans Troll Laikipia for Ksh 450,000 Vehicle Invention

Laikipia County has been on the receiving end of much trolling by Kenyans online after it displayed the intriguing invention of a vehicle branded the BJ-50 at the just concluded 2019 Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga.

The county government took to social media and posted a video of the invention on Wednesday.

A review of the invention, that has caught the attention of Kenyans, shows that it is basically a four-wheeled tuktuk.

While speaking at a Trade Panel on Thursday, Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi informed that the vehicle has the capability of carrying seven people and its price tag reads Ksh 450,000.

Reports given on the Laikipia County Government website in 2018 revealed that the inventor or rather developer of the vehicle received orders from “influential personalities” to deliver at least 26 units after beginning full-scale production.

Despite the fact that the development of the BJ-50 implies Kenya is moving forward in terms of innovation and industrial developments, Kenyans were quick to make fun of the piece on social media.

They have been busy establishing memes of the vehicle, many of which observe it as a ridiculous piece that does not deserve the Ksh 450,000 price tag.

Many associate it with the popular cart used by sellers of smokies and boiled eggs in the country.

Others were of the opinion that it looks like drawings of cars usually done by children.

A social media user even asserted that the governor ought to ride in the vehicle while heading home from the conference as an experience of punishment for "bringing Kenya international shame".

View the reactions below.