EVISA Kenya: How to get a US Visa Online

  • Are you intending on visiting the United States any time in the future?

    The process of acquiring a US Visa while in Kenya is no longer as difficult and stressful as it was in the past days.

    Before traveling, however,  be sure to know the differences between a passport and a visa because you may need both.

    In this article, you will find detailed information on how you can easily apply for a USA visa in Kenya.

    What is the Difference Between a Passport and a Visa?

    What is a Passport?

    The main difference between a passport and a visa is that a passport is issued to a country’s citizens for international travel and identification.

    A passport is used to verify one’s country of citizenship. If traveling outside your country, it is used to regain entry into your country of citizenship.

    Passports include your photo, name, birth date, gender, and physical characteristics.

    For U.S. citizens, some countries only require a passport for re-entry. Other countries may require a visa before entry. You should confirm if a country-specific visa* is required before traveling.

    Diplomats and government officials are granted different passports than what's given to regular travelers.

    What is a Visa?

    The main difference between a visa and a passport is that a visa is an endorsement placed within a passport that grants the holder official permission to enter, leave or stay in a country for a specified time period.

    The nature of the visit determines the type of visa one can apply.

    They are divided into two categories; Immigrant and non-Immigrant visas. 

    Immigrant Visas are given to Kenyans who want to live permanently in the United States while non-immigrant visas are given to Kenyan citizens who want to visit the USA for a temporary purpose.

    The most common visa types are the tourist, student, work and transit visas.

    Depending on where you are traveling, a visa can be valid for single or multiple visits.

    Some visas require an application to be filed prior to entering the country and other visas are granted upon entering the country.

    Certain countries require an interview or medical screening prior to applying for a visa.

    Types of Visa

    The type of visa you must have is defined by the Kenyan and Visa Regulations and relates to the purpose of your travel.

    1. Single Journey Visa

    Issued for Single or Multiple entries to persons whose nationalities require visas to enter Kenya.

    2. Transit Visa

    Issued for periods not exceeding three days to persons whose nationalities require visas to enter Kenya and who intend to transit through Kenya to a different destination.

    3. Diplomatic Visa

    Issued for Single or Multiple entries to holders of Diplomatic passports who are on official duty. Coming Soon

    4. Courtesy/ Official Visa

    Issued to persons holding Official or Service passports on Official duty and to Ordinary passport holders who are not entitled to a Diplomatic visa; but where it is considered by the Director to be desirable on the grounds of international courtesy. Coming Soon

    5. East Africa Tourist Visa

    This is a joint tourist visa that entitles holders to travel to and within the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda for the purpose of tourism. The validity of East Africa Tourist Visa: 90 (Ninety days) Multiple Entry. Coming Soon

    What are the Visa requirements

    As a visa applicant, you will need to establish that you meet all requirements to receive the category of visa for which you are applying.

    1.) Transit Visa Requirements

    You require an onward Ticket to apply for a Transit Visa

    2.) Entry Requirements (On Arrival)

    Passport Valid for at least Six Months

    E- Visa Printout from www.eCitizen.go.ke

    Evidence of payment of the application fee which can be paid at any Postbank or you can pay US visa fee via Mpesa.

    In case you pay with Mpesa, then you will provide the nine digits that come with the Mpesa message.

    Also, note that this fee is non-refundable. The US visa fees in Kenya shillings is 16,800/=.

    Evidence of your financial status like an original bank statement from any accredited bank recognized by the Central Bank of Kenya.

    Travel itinerary

    Supporting letter e.g. letter from company or Invitation letter for business visits/family visits. or

    Hotel bookings/details about places to visit if going as a tourist.

    Any other documentation that the US embassy might request for that will back up your traveling reasons.

    3.) Student Visa requirements

    The following additional documents must accompany your US visa application form.

    SEVIS I-901 fee, which must be paid to the Department of Homeland Security for the individual program.

    Financial proof to show you can pay for your studies in the US

    You must apply for your US visa 4months before your institution resumption date.

    A valid 1-20 or DS-2019 indicating that the scholar has paid the unsubsidized education cost.

    Application photo requirements

    The photograph must be in colour.

    It should have a white background.

    It should have a close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70-80% of the photograph.

    It should be in sharp focus and clean.

    It should be of high quality with no ink marks and creases.

    The photograph must show you looking directly at the camera.

    It should be 5.5cm * 5.5cm (207px * 207px).

    It should show your skin tone naturally.

    It should have appropriate brightness and contrast.

    The photograph should be a recent one not more than 6 months old.

    It is to be taken without headgear.

    The photograph can be taken with headgear, after consideration on case to case basis if the applicant wears headgear on religious grounds.

    The main characteristics of the face must be apparent from the photograph. Chin, nose, eyes, and eyebrows must not be covered, the forehead should be uncovered to the extent that the shape of the face is apparent.

    It should be without a hat/cap.

    It should be with the applicant's hair tucked behind his/her ears.

    The photograph should not have any staple marks.

    Scanned & colour photocopies would NOT be accepted.

    US Visa Interview Questions in Kenya

    Whenever a person applies for US Visa, the applicant must attend an office interview at the US consulate or embassy in Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya.

    Interview appointments are booked online and are handed out in a first-come, first-served criterion.

    The US Embassy Nairobi conducts typically office interviews every morning from Monday to Thursday.

    Hopefuls without the relevant documentation are not interviewed; hence, you need to double check that you have all forms with you beforehand. Questions asked at the US Embassy in Kenya vary from applicant to applicant as well as the reason for traveling.

    Usually, the interview will take approximately five to ten minutes after which the interviewer may accept or reject your visa application or put your case in ‘Administrative Processing.’

    How to Apply for a US Visa Online

    Most Governments world over are moving towards digitization of their operations.

    A.) How to Apply on Ecitizen

    1. Click register on www.ecitizen.go.ke.

    2. Select Register as a Visitor.

    3. Once Logged in, Select Deparment of Immigration services.

    4. Select submit Appplication.

    5. Select Kenyan Visa.

    6. Select the type of Visa and read the Instructions Carefully.

    7. Fill in the application form.

    8. Pay Using visa card, Mastercard and other debit cards.

    9. Await approval via email, then download and print the eVisa from your eCitizen account.

    10. Present your printed eVisa to the immigration officer at the port of entry.

    B.) How to Apply on E-Visa

    The procedure of application has now been modified and simplified to a user-friendly mode that takes three simple steps using a dedicated website, the E-Visa portal: www.evisa.go.ke.

    E-Visa  application makes it possible for visitors to get their Visa in advance hence removing the anxiety of whether one will be able will get it or not at the point of entry.

    Here are the simple steps to make your online Application:

    Log in to the E-Visa portal: www.evisa.go.ke

    Create an account. A single account is all you need for all your future E- Visa applications

    Apply and pay. Fill in the application form and print the form. Pay securely using visa, Mastercard or M- PESA.

    Download the E- VISA PDF from your E-Visa visitor account.

    This will then direct you to a calendar where you can book for a US embassy Nairobi immigrant visa appointment.

    Interviews are scheduled at the Kenyan USA Embassy which is located along the United Nations Avenue in Nairobi.

    An officer at the USA Embassy will interview you to determine whether you are qualified to receive the appropriate visa for your travel.

     You must establish that you meet the requirements under U.S. law to receive a visa. Ink-free, digital fingerprint scans will be taken during the process. Usually, the interview takes up to 10 minutes long.

    How long does it take to get a Kenyan visa?

    The Kenya e-Visas are valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Most Kenya e-Visas allow for stays up to 90 days for each allowed entry. 2-4 Business Days Kenyan visa processing time available.

    How long does it take to get an EVisa for Kenya?

    EVisa can process rush visas in less than 24 hours, or standard visas in 72 hours.

    Note: Some applications are thoroughly reviewed by the Kenyan Government and it could take at least 7 business days to get your E-Visa

    Us Embassy contacts in Kenya

    Although it's advisable to get a Kenya visa from your country of origin before you travel to Kenya, you can always get one at the Kenya immigration office upon your arrival.

    The American Embassy Kenya location is at Gigiri-United Nations Avenue, Nairobi.

    In case of any queries concerning applications or US embassy Nairobi visa fees, one can contact the US Embassy on +254-20-619-0600 (in Kenya) or +1 703-988-7112 (in the United States).

    Additionally, you can get more information at http://nairobi.usembassy.gov.

    Kenyan Embassies and Consulates around the world

    Here are the locations of Kenyan embassies and consulates, where you can apply for a visa to Kenya and find more information on Kenya's entry requirements.

    Select your continent below to view a list of Kenya's embassies, missions or consulates abroad where you can apply for a Kenya visa.

    1. N. AMERICA

    New York

    Kenya Mission to the United Nations

    866 U.N. Plaza, Suite 486 New York, NY 10017, N.Y.

    Telephone: 000-1-212-4214740/1/2/3 Telex:42.43.27 Kenya UN

    Fax: 000-1-212-4861985 http://www.kenya.un.int Email: kenya@un.int


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Washington

    2249, R. Street N.W. Washington D.C. 20008

    Telephone: 000-1-202-3876101 Fax: 000-1-202-4623829

    www.kenyaembassy.com Email: information@kenyaembassy.com

    Los Angeles

    Consulate General of the Republic of Kenya

    Park Mile Plaza, 4801 Willshire Boulevard, Mezzanine Floor

    Los Angeles CA 90010 Tel: 000-1-323-9392408 Fax: 1-323-939-2412

    www.kenyaembassy.com Email:los_angeles@mfa.go.ke


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Ottawa

    415 Laurier Avenue East Ottawa, Ontario Kin 6r4 Canada

    Telephone: 000-1-613-5631773/4/6 Fax: 000-1-613-233-6599

    www.kenyahighcommission.ca Email: kenrep@on.aibn.com


    2. S. AMERICA


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Brazil

    TEL: +55-6133 640978/+55-6133 640691 Email: brazil@mfa.go.ke

    3. EUROPE


    Kenya Mission to the European Union

    Avenue Winston Churchill 208 1180 Brussels, Belgium

    Telephone: 000-32-2-3401040 Fax: 000-32-2-3401050/62

    www.kenyabrussels.com Email: kenyabrussels@yahoo.com


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Berlin

    Markgrafenstr.63 10969 Berlin Federal Republic of Germany

    Telephone: 000-49-030-2592660 Fax: 000-49-030-25926650

    Email: office@embassy-of-kenya.de


    Kenya Mission of U.N., Geneva

    1-3 Avenue De La Paix 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

    Telephone: 000-41-22-9064050 Fax: 000-41-22-7312905

    www.Kenyamission.ch Email: mission.kenya@ties.itu.int


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, The Hague

    Nieuwe Parklaan 21 2597 the Hague, Netherlands

    Telephone: 000-31-70-3504215 Fax: 000-31-70-3553594

    Email: info@kenya-embassy.nl


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, London

    45 Portland Place London, WIN 4AS United Kingdom

    Telephone: 000-44-207-632371/5 Fax: 000-44-207-3236717

    Email: kcomm4@aol.com


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Moscow

    Kenya Embassy Moscow 119034, Moscow, Russia

    Lopukhinsky Pereulok Dom 5 Telephone: 000-7-495-6372186/495-6374257

    Fax: 000-7-495-637-5463 Email:kenemb@kenemb.ru


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Paris

    3 Rue, Freycinet 75116 Paris, France Telephone: 000-331-56622525

    Fax: 000-33-1-47204441 Email: paris@amb-kenya.fr


    1 Rue, Miolis 75732 Paris Cedex 15 France

    Telephone: 000-33-1-45683280/1 Fax: 000-33-1-44490858



    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Rome

    Viale Luca Gaurico 205 00143, Rome, Italy Telephone number: +39-068082717

    Fax: +39-068082707 www.embassyofkenya.it Email: kenroma@rdn.it


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Stockholm

    Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 2nd Floor P. O. Box 7694

    103 95 Stockholm, Sweden Telephone: 000-46-8-218300/4/9

    Fax: 000-46-8-209261 Email:kenya.embassy@telia.com


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Vienna

    Neulinggasse 29/8 1030 Vienna, Austria Telephone: 000-43-1-7123919/20

    Fax: 000-43-1-7123922 Email: kenyarep-vienna@aon.at



    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Beijing

    4xi Liu Jie, San Li Tun Beijing, 100600 China

    Telephone: 000-86-10-65323381, 65322473 Fax: 000-86-10-65323325, +86-10-65321770

    www.kenyaembassy.cn Email: kenrepbj@hotmail.com


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Canberra

    6th Floor, O.B.E. Building Ainslie Ave 33-35.

    G.P.O Box 1990, Canberra, A.C.T. 2601 Australia

    Telephone: 000-61-026-2474788 Fax: 000-612-6-2576613



    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Islamabad

    House No.8A, Embassy Road, Sector F-6/4 P. O. Box 2097, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Telephone: 000-92-51-2876024 Fax: 000-92-51-287602 Email: kenreppk@apollo.net.pk

    Kuala Lumpur

    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Kuala Lumpur

    8 Jalan Taman U Thant 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Telephone: 000-(603)21461163 Fax: 000-(603)21451087 Email: kenya@po.jaring.my

    New Delhi

    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, New Delhi

    34, Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057, India

    Telephone: 000-91-11-26146537, 26146538, 6146540

    Fax: 000-91-11-26146550 Email:info@kenyamission-delhi.com www.kenyamission-delhi.com


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Tokyo

    No. 24-3 Yakumo, 3-Chome, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 152, Japan

    Telephone: 000-81-3-37234006/7Fax: 000-81-3-37234488

    http://www.embassy-avenue.jp/kenya Emai:info@kenyarep-jp.com


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya

    62S015 Thong Lor, Sukhumrit 55 Road Klongtan, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

    Thailand Tel: +66-27125721, 23910906/7 Fax: +66-27125720 Email: thailand.consul@mfa.go.ke


    Abu Dhabi Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Abu Dhabi

    P. O. Box 3854, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: 000-971-6666300

    Fax: 000-971-2-6652827 www.kenyaembassy-uae.org Email:kenyarep@emirates.net.ae


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Riyadh

    P. O. Box 94358 Saudi Arabia Telephone: 000-966-1-4881238

    Fax: 000-966-1-4882629 www.kenyaembassy-riyadh.com Email: kenya@shaheer.net.sa


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Tehran

    46 Golshar Street, off African Avenue P. O. Box 19395/4566, Tehran, Iran

    Telephone: 000-98-21-2204-9355/21-2204-3234 Fax: 000-98-21-2204819

    Email: kenemteh@irtp.com

    Tel Aviv

    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Tel Aviv

    15 Abba Hillel St Ramat Gan 52136P. O. Box 52136, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Telephone: 000-972-3-5754633 Fax: 000-972-3-5754788

    www.kenyaembassyisrael.org Email: kenya7@netvision.net.il

    6. AFRICA


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Abuja

    18 Yedseram Street, Maitama, P.M.B 5160, Wuse Head office, Abuja, Nigeria

    Telephone: +234-9-4139-155 Fax: +234-9-4139-157 Email: abuja@mfa.go.ke

    Addis Ababa

    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Addis Ababa

    Fikre Mariam Road, Hiher 16 Kebelle 01, P. O. Box 3301 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Telephone: 000-251-1-661033 Fax: 000-251-11-6611433 Email: addis_ababa@mfa.go.ke


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Bujumbura, Burundi



    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Cairo

    7 El Mohandesseen, Giza, Cairo P. O. Box 362 Dokki, Egypt. Telephone: 000-20-2-3453628/3453907 Fax: 000-202-2-3026979 Email:kembaci@yahoo.com


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Dar-Es-Salaam

    Plot No. 127, Mafinda Street, Kinondoni, P.O Box 5231, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

    Tel: 000-255-22-2668285/6 Or +255-754785111 Fax: 000-255-22-2668213

    www.Kenyahighcomtz.Org Email: khc@africaonline.co.tz


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Gaborone

    5373, President's Drive Private Bag Bo 297 Gaborone, Botswana

    Telephone: 000-267-351408/430 Telex: 2576 Bd Fax: 000-267-351409

    www.kenyamission-cotswana.com Email: kenya@info.bw


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Harare

    95 Park Lane P.O Box 4069, Harare, Zimbabwe Telephone: 000-263-4-704820, 704833

    Fax: 000-263-4-723042 Email: kenhicom@africaonline.co.zw


    Consul General Designat

    P.O 208, Juba, South Sudan Telephone: +249-811-823664/823665

    Fax: +249-811-823666 Email:juba@mfa.go.ke


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Kampala

    Plot No. 41, Nakasero Road, P. O. Box 5220, Kampala, Uganda.

    Telephone: 006-41-258235/6 Fax: 006-41-258239

    http://www.Kenyamission-uganda.com Email: hc@kenhicom.or.ug


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Khartoum

    Malik El Agib Street 3, Manshiya P. O. Box 8242, Khartoum, Sudan

    Telephone: 000-249-1-83265163/4/5 Fax: 000-249-1-83281233

    Email: khartoum@mfa.go.ke


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Rwanda

    Chancery Plot No. 1716 Kacyiru Avenue De L'umuganda B.P 6159, Kacyiru

    Kigali, Rwanda Telephone: 000-250-583332-6

    Fax: 000-250-510919 Email: Kigali@mfa.go.ke


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Kinshasa

    4002 Avenue De Louganda Zone Degombe

    P. O. Box 9667, Kinshasa Telephone: 000-243-815554797

    Fax: 000-243-815554805 Email: kinshasa@mfa.go.ke


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Lusaka

    5207 United Nations Avenue P. O. Box 50298 Lusaka, Zambia

    Telephone: 000-260-1-250722/250742/250751 Telegram: Kenyarep Lusaka

    Fax: 000-260-1-253829 Email:kenhigh@zamnet.zm


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Pretoria

    302 Brooks Street Menlo Park, 0081, South Africa

    Telephone: 000-27-12-3622249,362-2250, 362-2251 Fax: 000-27-12-3622252

    www.Kenya.org.za Email: kenrep@mweb.co.za


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Somalia

    N.S.S.F. Building P. O. Box 67454-00200, Nairobi Telephone: 000-254-20-2733883

    Fax: 000-254-20-2733887 Email: Somalia@mfa.go.ke


    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Libya

    Siyehiya Km 7 P.O. Box 74100 Tripoli, Libya

    Telephone: 000-218-21-4830536 Fax: 000-218-21-4830536 Email:tripoli@mfa.go.ke


    High Commission of the Republic of Kenya, Windhoek

    123 Robert Mugabe Avenue P. O. Box 2889, Windhoek, Namibia

    Telephone: 000-264-61-225900, 61-226836 Fax: 000-264-61-221409

    Email: kenyanet@mweb.com