Meet Valiant Dedan Kimathi's Daughter Taking After Her Father

  • The daughter to freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi Wachiuri, Evelyn Wanjugu Kimathi has taken after her father by immersing herself deep in the fight for the rights of others - over the years, she has been leading a campaign that ensures former Mau Mau fighters attain better lifestyles.

    Wanjugu,  among other roles, formed the Dedan Kimathi Foundation with the clear intention of doing the best for the society and enhancing the relentless push for freedom for all.

    Speaking to, a brave Wanjugu exudes confidence in the fight for the rights of former freedom fighters indicating that the majority of them live in abject poverty, despite having put up undying confidence in the fight for freedom.

    Evelyn Wanjugu Kimathi and other freedom fighters during a past event

    “I decided to stand in for the people. For long they have remained silent without someone to assist them to speak out their pains. They suffered for a course and deserve better.

    “I made it my role to do what others had stayed away from. These people may be old but inside them lies a great heart embodied in the Mau Mau spirit,” remarked Wanjugu.

    Through her efforts, Wanjugu formed the fast-growing Kimathi Foundation in honour of her father and with an intention of assisting the ageing freedom fighters.

    “I formed the foundation with an intention to assist the former freedom fighters. I had to start the initiative because these people needed help.

    “It has been difficult to meet their needs as most of the time we rely on help from well-wishers. However, many freedom fighters have now benefitted in various ways. The journey continues,” remarked Wanjugu.

    Evelyn Wanjugu Kimathi during a past charity event at Turkana county

    Wanjugu also indicated that the foundation embarked on a difficult task of buying land for the freedom fighters who despite putting up a resilient battle for independence didn’t get a single acre to their name.

    “The biggest question from the freedom fighters has always been when they will get the real benefits of what they fought for. They always remember how the colonists bayed for their blood but this didn’t make them lose the fight.

    “This posed a challenge to me and through the foundation, we have been able to get funds from well-wishers and bought land for a number of them. Our journey continues until when we will make our heroes proud of what they attained,” added Wanjugu.

    Wanjugu has also been a champion of great projects in the society including organising tree-planting activities at deforested areas in the country.

    Through the foundation, the valiant woman also led uncountable cleanup exercises in different regions in the country.

    In September 2019, Wanjugu and members of the foundation led an entourage to Turkana and other counties in the northern region to donate food and other basic needs to residents who had been affected by hunger.

    In October 2019, Wanjugu Kimathi was among the first members of the family to inform the public of the culmination for the search of the grave containing the remains of Dedan Kimathi at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

    “This development is not just great news for the Dedan Kimathi family but also the larger freedom struggle heroes fraternity,” remarked Wanjugu Kimathi as quoted by The Standard.

    However the government through the Ministry of Interior Affairs refuted the claims.

    A past photo of Evelyn Wanjugu Kimathi, Mukami Kimathi and first lady Margaret Kenyatta

    “Our attention has been drawn to news on some platforms that the grave of our freedom fighter Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi has been found at Kamiti Prison.

    “Please note these claims are FALSE; such info will be relayed to the public only via our official communication channels,” read a statement.

    Dedan Kimathi was arrested by the British colonial government in 1952 where he was charged and condemned to hang.