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  • 11:20 am

    Mexico has registered 1,278 new confirmed cases of coronavirus over the last 24 hours

  • 10:59 am

    Taiwan to form its first travel bubble during the coronavirus pandemic, with the tiny Pacific nation of Palau

  • 10:37 am

    UK moves to reassure the public that the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is safe

  • 10:19 am

    France says ban on AstraZeneca vaccine was due to the unusual nature of the side-effects reported rather than their number 

  • 9:58 am

    Iceland will allow entry to all visitors bearing proof of vaccination against Covid-19 starting from Thursday

  • 9:35 am

    UK: Ex-PM Tony Blair calls on world leaders to make sure that groundbreaking future vaccines are not subject to restrictive intellectual property 

  • 9:16 am

    The number of deaths from Covid-19 across Europe has passed 900,000, AFP reports

  • 8:37 am

    Chaos and confusion in Germany and Italy after their decisions to suspend use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid jab

  • 8:18 am

    New Philippines Covid-19 variant found in England

  • 7:55 am

    France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Cyprus halt roll out of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine pending an assessment by the EU’s medicine regulator

  • 7:31 am

    Results of AstraZeneca’s US Covid-19 vaccine trial are being reviewed by independent monitors, and emergency authorization could come in about a month,

  • 7:12 am

    WHO officials say the past week has seen an 11% increase in Covid-19 cases worldwide.

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