• 10:35 am

    Hotspots of Covid-19 infections in the European Union will be labelled “dark red” zones,

  • 10:12 am

    US: Top infectious diseases expert Dr. Fauci says he feels a “liberating feeling” of being able to speak scientific truth about Covid-19

  • 9:55 am

    UK bans passengers from Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo to control spread of Covid-19 variant identified in South Africa

  • 9:39 am

    Austria: Mayors accused of jumping queue to get Covid-19 vaccine before vulnerable population

  • 9:18 am

    Pfizer slashes in half the volume of Covid-19 vaccines it will deliver to some EU countries this week

  • 9:00 am

    Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa tests positive to Covid-19 at Australian Open.

  • 8:40 am

    Brazil: Mayor of Rio de Janeiro cancels the famous Rio Carnival 

  • 8:16 am

    France to recommend wearing of surgical masks in public, experts warning fabric masks are ineffective

  • 7:56 am

    Japanese government has privately concluded the Tokyo Olympics will have to be cancelled, according to the Times 

  • 7:35 am

    Spain's ICU admissions up by  60 percent as Covid-19 cases  surge

  • 7:10 am

    Hungary becomes first EU country to approve Russia's Covid-19

  • 5:50 pm

    Lebanon extends a nationwide lockdown until 8 February

  • 5:21 pm

    Germany offers support to Russia in its development of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine

  • 5:10 pm

    India: 5 people dead in inferno at Serum Institute where most of the Covid-19 vaccines are being developed

  • 4:50 pm

    674 hospital beds in Kenya are occupied by Covid-19 patients, 33 of them in ICU

  • 4:16 pm

    International Olympic Committee president declares that the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games will go ahead as scheduled in Japan 

  • 3:55 pm

    South Africa: Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu dies of Covid-19 complications

  • 3:28 pm

    German Chancellor asks EU leaders to stop complains on delayed Covid-19 vaccine and focus on lockdown strategy

  • 3:04 pm

    South Africa to pay Ksh576 ($5.25) per dose for Covid vaccines from the Serum Institute of India

  • 2:42 pm

    Norway says it is expecting a reduced supply of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

  • 2:19 pm

    US: President Biden to continue prioritising Covid-19 initiatives on his second day in office

  • 1:59 pm

    India: Serum Institute says fire at its offices will not affect production of Covid-19 vaccine

  • 1:38 pm

    India: Fire incident at the Serum Institute, a company working on a Covid-19 vaccine

  • 1:12 pm

    Mexico confirms its highest daily death tolls since the coronavirus pandemic began, with 1,539 deaths

  • 12:50 pm

    Germany threatens to shut down with neighboring EU countries that fail to observe Covid-19 safety standards

  • 12:29 pm

    South Africa: Government contracts pharmaceutical company Biovac Institute to import, store and distribute coronavirus vaccines

  • 12:09 pm

    Switzerland: Mass testing of thousands of people in the luxury resort of St Moritz finds 53 cases

  • 11:50 am

    Australia enters fourth day without a single Covid-19 case

  • 11:30 am

    Spain  lobbying EU countries to have joint Covid certifications for travellers

  • 11:10 am

    Russia: Moscow to relax Covid-19 restrictions from tomorrow Friday, January 22nd 

  • 10:52 am

    Hong Kong mulls forcing visting flight crews to quarantine for two weeks

  • 10:36 am

    US: President Biden commits to 100 million vaccines in the first 100 days of his administration

  • 10:16 am

    Experts say Covid-19 vaccines may need to be redesigned to be effective against new variants

  • 9:50 am

    US congressman accuses Israel of denying Palestinians Covid-19 vaccine

  • 9:32 am

    Chinese government official claims, without evidence, Covid-19 was manufactured in a US army lab

  • 9:17 am

    UK: London buses turned into ambulances to ease Covid strain

  • 8:57 am

    Indonesia to start giving the general public Covid-19 vaccinations sometime between late April to May

  • 8:39 am

    US: President Biden signed multiple Executive Orders on Covid-19 on first day in office

  • 8:18 am

    Spain records 41,576 cases over the past 24 hours

  • 7:56 am

    Giant technology Amazon has offered to help with the Covid-19 vaccine efforts in the US

  • 7:30 am

    France reports 26,784 new confirmed Covid-19 cases

  • 7:10 am

    Dubai cancels non-essential surgery as Covid-19 cases surge

  • 6:10 pm

    Kenya records 136 new Covid-19 cases, 2 deaths over the past 24 hours

  • 5:54 pm

    Netherlands says it will ban flights from non-Schengen countries, including Britain and South Africa

  • 5:39 pm

    Italy threatens to take action against Pfizer over delays in delivery of Covid-19 vaccine

  • 5:10 pm

    France: Mayor of the Paris suburb of Garches complains over shortage of Covid-19 vaccines

  • 4:49 pm

    Russia files for registration of Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine in the EU and expects it to be reviewed in February

  • 4:27 pm

    Ireland cancels Dublin’s annual St Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled over Covid-19 fears

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