• 4:41 pm

    The total Covid-19 count in Kenya now stands at 47,212. 

  • 4:30 pm

    From the 1,068 Covid-19 cases, 1,044 are Kenyans and 24 are foreigners. 

  • 4:15 pm

    Kenya: 1,068 people tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

  • 3:45 pm

    Italy’s daily virus cases reaches a record of 16,079, up from 15,199 on Wednesday.

  • 3:30 pm

    Greece sets restrictions as cases reach record again.

  • 3:00 pm

    UAE breaks single-day record for new cases.

  • 2:43 pm

    KBC news anchor Purity Museo tests positive for Covid-19.

  • 2:26 pm

    Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for Covid-19 again, to miss the game against Barcelona.

  • 2:00 pm

    Poland's daily death count is now four times higher than during its first virus wave

  • 1:35 pm

    England to note ethnicity on death certificates to address unequal impact of pandemic.

  • 1:10 pm

    Kenya announces it hired and trained a new cohort of healthcare workers to complement our existing capacity.

  • 12:49 pm

    Kenya scales up testing laboratories from 2 before Covid-19 to 39 spread across 12 counties.

  • 12:27 pm

    US: Supreme Court grants Alabama’s request for ban on curbside voting by those worried about the pandemic.

  • 11:50 am

    Kenya increases isolation beds to over 7,000 and close to 400 ICU beds across our 47 counties.

  • 11:34 am

    Belgian foreign minister Sophie Wilmès in intensive care after contracting Covid-19.

  • 11:02 am

    MOH: Kenya has contained the spread of Covid-19 and its attendant devastation, quite remarkably. 

  • 10:40 am

    Barrack Obama says Donald Trump ‘can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself’ from covid-19.

  • 10:20 am

    KenyaFive family members admitted to ICU over Covid-19.

  • 10:00 am

    Ireland announces a six-week lockdown beginning, becoming the first European country to reimpose a national lockdown.

  • 9:40 am

    Participant in AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine trial dies In Brazil , but reportedly belonged to a control group that did not receive the vaccine.

  • 9:20 am

    US: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy quarantines after staffer tests positive.

  • 9:00 am

    U.S. hospitalizations for Covid-19 hits the highest numbers since Aug. 22.

  • 8:40 am

    Czech Republic Rreports 14,968 new Coronavirus cases.

  • 8:20 am

    With 6,114 new cases, Spain crosses one million mark.

  • 8:15 am

    Argentina's Covid-19 count rises to 1,037,325 after the country registered its highest single-day spike of 18,326 in last 24 hours.

  • 8:00 am

    US likely to have enough Covid-19 vaccines by year-end, says health secretary Alex Azar.

  • 7:45 am

    France's Covid-19 caseload surpasses one million; cases stand at 1,000,369.

  • 7:30 am

    India records 55,839 new Covid-19 cases and 702 deaths in last 24 hours. Total tally reaches 7,706,946 cases, including 116,616 deaths.

  • 7:00 am

    Germany reports 11,287 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily figure since the pandemic began.

  • 7:15 pm

    Another 26,688 lab-confirmed coronavirus cases were reported in the UK

  • 7:00 pm

    Russia is not planning to impose any blanket restrictions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic

  • 6:45 pm

    Boston’s public school system to shift to remote learning due to the rising Covid-19 infection rate in the US city.

  • 6:30 pm

    The German health minister has tested positive for the coronavirus

  • 6:15 pm

    Poland to announce more coronavirus curbs as cases hit new record

  • 5:45 pm

    The King and Queen of the Netherlands apologize for taking a holiday to Greece during partial lockdown

  • 5:30 pm

    Italy registered a record of 15,199 new Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours

  • 5:15 pm

    Swiss health minister has warned of the prospect of overburdened hospitals as cases double

  • 5:00 pm

    European Union leaders to hold a video-conference to discuss how to better cooperate against the pandemic

  • 4:45 pm

    South Africa faces a high risk of surging coronavirus infections that may force the country back into a stricter lockdown

  • 4:30 pm

    Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has been accused of putting politics before lives

  • 4:15 pm

     Italian teachers have been taking their classes to the streets to prevent students from falling behind

  • 4:00 pm

    238 patients in Kenya have recovered in the last 24 hours

  • 3:10 pm

    More French regions will have to impose curfews, government says

  • 2:55 pm

    Spain: A 99-year-old is back to playing computer games after recovering from Covid-19.

  • 2:40 pm

    Scotland to introduce new five-tier alert system

  • 2:20 pm

    Russia is not planning to impose any further lockdowns to contain the Covid-19 pandemic

  • 2:00 pm

    ICU beds in Tunisian public hospitals are about 80% full as Covid-19 cases surge

  • 1:45 pm

    Turkey is considering reimposing some measures to stem rising coronavirus cases

  • 1:30 pm

    Iran reports 5,616 new Covid-19 cases for the previous 24 hours

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