• 11:32 am

    World's Covid-19 death toll hits 2 million mark, slightly over a year after first death was recorded in Wuhan, China

  • 11:10 am

    South Korea extends ban on social gatherings of more than 5 people to end of January

  • 10:57 am

    US: More states join New Jersey in prioritising smokers in Covid-19 vaccine

  • 10:36 am

    Brazil: Supreme Court orders roll out of oxygen in the Amazonas

  • 10:20 am

    India kicks off campaign to vaccinate 300,000 people in a single day

  • 9:57 am

    China hoping to vaccinate 50 million people before Lunar holidays

  • 9:37 am

    Brazil: Premature babies new crisis point as Covid-19 cases surge

  • 9:18 am

    Tunisia confirms a record 4,170 new confirmed coronavirus cases 

  • 9:00 am

     Spain records 40,197 new Covid-19 cases over the past 24 hours

  • 8:40 am

    Canada says Pfizer’s reduction of its Covid-19 vaccine shipments will not delay vaccination campaign

  • 8:19 am

    UK: Experimental Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson shows promising results 

  • 7:55 am

    Australia: Emirates abruptly suspends flights to and from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane indefinitely

  • 7:33 am

    Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro said a plane would be sent to India to pick up Covid-19 vaccines by Monday

  • 7:10 am

    French authorities say 389,000 people have been vaccinated so far

  • 6:05 pm

    US president-elect Joe Biden appoints ex FDA head, David Kessler, to lead the Covid-19 vaccine push

  • 5:40 pm

    Ireland fines 3 of its citizens who breached lockdown for 80 kilometres in search of burgers

  • 5:25 pm

    US state of New Jersey defends decision to prioritise smokers in vaccine rollout

  • 5:06 pm

    Germany faces challenges in vaccine rollout due to tight privacy laws preventing authorities from accessing citizens' ages

  • 4:39 pm

    29 ICU beds in Kenya are occupied by Covid-19 patients, total of 683 virus victims in hospital

  • 4:00 pm

    Catalonia: FC Barcelona postpones presidential election due to a spike in coronavirus cases

  • 3:46 pm

    Sweden confirms 138 Covid-19 deaths over the last 24 hours

  • 3:16 pm

    UK experts attribute drop in cases to strict lockdown measures

  • 2:50 pm

    UK: Politician suspended after claiming people queuing for Covid-19 relief food are obese

  • 2:36 pm

    France tightens travel restrictions for visitors coming in from non-EU countries

  • 2:16 pm

    Ireland: Complains after private medics receive Covid-19 vaccine before public health workers

  • 1:59 pm

    EU member countries complain over delays in distribution of Covid-19 vaccines

  • 1:37 pm

    Venezuela donates oxygen to Brazil which is having acute shortages

  • 1:20 pm

    Greece: Authorities increase fines for Covid-19 safety breches from 300 euros to 500 euros

  • 12:57 pm

    China: WHO officials start investigations on Covid-19 origins. Meetings going on at a hotel in Wuhan

  • 12:38 pm

    China starts building a 3,000-unit quarantine facility to deal with anticipated surge in Covid-19 cases

  • 12:10 pm

    UK: Britain halts flights from South America out of fear of Covid-19 variant from Brazil

  • 11:46 am

    UK: Overwhelmed London hospitals sending Covid-19 patients to Newcastle

  • 11:30 am

    South Africa halts physical school reopening till February 15th

  • 11:15 am

    European Union countries plan to contest Greece's call for a Covid-19 passport

  • 10:59 am

    Indonesia confirms a record 12,818 Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours

  • 10:40 am

    US authorities warn new surge could kill 92,000 people in one month

  • 10:19 am

    US executes death row inmate who had contracted Covid-19

  • 9:54 am

    China: Hebei province records over 100 daily Cvid-19 cases despite tight restrictions

  • 9:37 am

    Hungary says it has reached a deal to buy China’s Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine

  • 9:20 am

    UK records 1,248 new Covid-19 deaths over the past 24 hours

  • 8:59 am

    Brazil: Entire hospital wing of Covid-19 patients dies after oxygen supply rans out

  • 8:38 am

    Brazil: Hospitals in the Amazonas running short of oxygen

  • 8:20 am

    France: Night curfew to start at 6pm, effective tomorrow Saturday January 16th

  • 7:53 am

    Denmark leads EU vaccination campaign with 2.2 percentage of population inoculated

  • 7:31 am

    US President-Elect Biden unveils Ksh190 trillion ($1.9tn) coronavirus stimulus package

  • 7:10 am

    Israel vaccinates 2 million people, leads the world with the highest percentage of the vaccinated population 

  • 6:15 pm

    China: More than 20,000 villagers moved to quarantine sites as a preventative measure

  • 6:00 pm

    Sixth Premier League football game postponed due to virus

  • 5:45 pm

    African Union secures 270 million extra vaccine doses for the continent

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