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Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's 'J-Senior' insurance package.
Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's 'J-Senior' insurance package.
Jubilee Insurance

Health is critical in advancing humanity. It influences every aspect of our existence. Our progression in inventions, innovation, entrepreneurship and socialization, is tied directly to our physical well-being. Therefore, a healthy society is not just desirable, but necessary.

As time passes, the significance of individual health gets bigger. One must be physically fit to navigate the rigours of modern-day life. Whether building a career, nurturing a family, or tending to ageing parents.

Jubilee Insurance has captured the trust and loyalty of over 1.9 million clients across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Mauritius. This extensive presence, nurtured through 80-plus years of service, serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to crafting insurance solutions with determination and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Beyond insurance provision, their dedication extends towards positively impacting our communities. They champion causes spanning education, inequalities, and the growth of sustainable communities.

Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's J-Senior insurance package.
Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's J-Senior insurance package.
Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee Health Insurance is the leading health insurance company in the region, and they cater to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and health statuses. With a comprehensive range of health insurance options, they empower everyone to navigate their daily lives with assurance. They ensure that medical coverage remains both affordable and exhaustive, aligning precisely with the needs of Kenyans.

The wide array of health insurance options can be seen on the Jubilee Insurance website and are as follows; 

Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's JSenior Cover
Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's JSenior Cover
Jubilee Insurance



Senior citizens are prioritized with the dedicated J Senior Health Cover that caters specifically to individuals aged 65 and above, offering comprehensive plans tailored to various needs. 

This cover includes provisions for chronic conditions, both pre-existing and newly diagnosed, along with extensive coverage for medical expenses such as hospice care, diagnostics, and prescribed drugs.

J Senior also offers value-added benefits like wide geographical coverage, overseas inpatient referrals, and access to treatment while travelling within East Africa.

Additionally, members enjoy automatic enrolment in the Jubilee Health Insurance Wellness Club, telemedicine services, drug delivery, and round-the-clock customer support. With J Senior, seniors can embrace their golden years with peace of mind and comprehensive health protection.

Premium Payment

Payment must be made directly to Jubilee Health Insurance by the following means only:

  • A cheque made out to Jubilee Health Insurance Ltd
  • MPESA payment to Jubilee Health Insurance through Paybill Number 
  • Direct deposit of the premium to the Jubilee Health Insurance bank account

Ensure that you get an official Jubilee Health Insurance receipt for all payments made as above. Jubilee Health Insurance shall not be liable for any premiums paid to other parties and not received by them.

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For people who wish to ensure protection for their family, J-Care is a comprehensive family medical insurance cover designed to safeguard you and your loved ones with the highest level of protection. This cover offers customisable plans at affordable rates, ensuring top-tier security for your family's health needs.

Eligibility spans from birth (including term babies of 38 weeks) to 64 years for the main member and their dependents. Dependent children are covered up to 25 years old with proof of schooling.

Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's JCare package.
Promotional graphic of Jubilee Insurance's JCare package.
Jubilee Insurance

Key features include extensive inpatient coverage of up to 10 million, encompassing pre-existing and chronic conditions. Members also benefit from free telemedicine services, facilitating convenient consultations. Additionally, J-Care provides inbuilt coverage for COVID-19, ensuring peace of mind amid ongoing health concerns.

With J-Care, families can access comprehensive healthcare protection, tailored to their specific needs, without compromising affordability or quality.

How to apply for J Care cover – Online

  • Click on (HERE) and buy the cover online;
    • Review and choose the cover limits
    • Add Optional Benefits
    • Fill in and sign the member application form and attach supporting documents.
    • Jubilee Health will revert within 3 working days of receipt of your application.
    • Pay for the cover.
    • Receive your welcome pack.
  • The policy will be effective when the premium is paid in full and a confirmation is issued.
  • Waiting periods where applicable will start from the date the policy is effective or the date the benefit is purchased, whichever is later.


Promotional poster of Jubilee Insurance's JBiz cover.
Promotional poster of Jubilee Insurance's JBiz cover.
Jubilee Insurance

Business owners have been duly considered in the J-Biz solution. It offers tailored medical insurance solutions designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), providing comprehensive coverage for both employers and their employees. With benefits ranging from inpatient care to outpatient treatments, J-Biz ensures that businesses and their teams have access to the healthcare they need.

Eligibility for J-Biz membership extends from 18 up to 74 years of age, with existing members eligible up to 80 years. Group composition requirements entail a minimum of 3 to 20 principal members, catering to the diverse needs of SMEs.

Key features of J-Biz include extensive inpatient limits of up to Ksh10 Million, inbuilt annual general check-ups, and comprehensive coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions. Additionally, principal members benefit from free Last Expense and Personal Accident coverage.

J-Biz also offers minimal waiting periods, ensuring swift access to healthcare services for both employers and employees alike. With J-Biz, SMEs can prioritize the health and well-being of their workforce while enjoying tailored insurance solutions that meet their specific needs and budget constraints.

Benefits & scope of this cover

  • Enable the member to seek treatment at a facility of their choice, locally or abroad.
  • Freedom to choose how payout is spent e.g., offset debt and ease the financial burden of the family etc.
  • The member can afford to manage the lifestyle changes that come with diagnosis e.g., appropriate forms of transport, hiring a home nurse etc.
  • Affordable premiums with payments in instalments
  • Most of the common critical illnesses are covered.
  • The cover amount is KES 750,000.
  • The policy covers the main member, spouse and 4 children.

International Cover 

Promotional poster of Jubilee Insurance's JTravel insurance cover.
Promotional poster of Jubilee Insurance's JTravel insurance cover.
Jubilee Insurance

For anyone wishing to cover a frequent traveller or a loved one based outside the country, "Care and Health" is a premier international medical insurance solution, developed through a collaboration between industry leaders Jubilee Health Insurance, Henner Group, and Allianz. This comprehensive offering is meticulously crafted to ensure worry-free travel experiences worldwide.

Eligibility spans individuals aged between 19 to 64 years, catering to both individual members and corporate groups.

Key benefits of International Health Cover include access to a vast network of hospitals and expert physicians in over 183 countries across Africa, India, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America. Round-the-clock support is provided in over 26 languages, ensuring assistance is readily available whenever needed. The coverage includes evacuation and repatriation services, along with chronic and pre-existing conditions covered to the full limit.

Individual benefit limits extend up to USD 4.5 Million, offering substantial coverage for medical expenses incurred during international travel.

With International Health Cover, the priority is your health and well-being. Travel confidently, knowing you have comprehensive coverage and dedicated support every step of the way, regardless of your global destination.

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Promotioinal poster of Jubilee Insurance's JJunior Insurance Cover.
Promotioinal poster of Jubilee Insurance's JJunior Insurance Cover.
Jubilee Insurance

For parents, J-Junior offers a specialised standalone medical cover tailored for children aged 0 to 17 years, addressing their unique health requirements. From annual check-ups to immunisations and pediatric consultations, J-Junior ensures peace of mind for parents and exceptional care for their children.

Eligibility for J-Junior extends from birth, including term babies of 38 weeks, up to 17 years old, encompassing the crucial stages of childhood development.

Key features of J-Junior include annual children's check-ups, comprehensive inpatient and outpatient coverage, provisions for immunisations, and access to pediatric visits. Additionally, J-Junior offers round-the-clock telemedicine consultations, providing parents with convenient access to medical advice and support for their child's well-being.

With J-Junior, parents can rest assured that their children's health needs are covered comprehensively, allowing them to focus on nurturing their child's growth and development with peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Annual child check-ups
  • Inpatient cover
  • Outpatient cover
  • Immunization 
  • Optional dental cover and optical cover
  • 24/7 Telemedicine Consultations
  • Countrywide provider network


Promotional poster of Jubilee Insurance's Cover Bora Insurance package.
Promotional poster of Jubilee Insurance's Cover Bora Insurance package.
Jubilee Insurance

In pursuit of accessible healthcare, Jubilee Health Insurance’s "CoverBora" presents an economical hospitalisation medical insurance solution tailored to fulfil the specific requirements of individuals and families, offering a wide array of inpatient benefits at an accessible price point.

Eligibility for "CoverBora" extends from 18 up to 60 years of age, with existing members eligible up to 65 years. For dependents, eligibility begins from birth, including term babies of 38 weeks, up to 18 years of age, and is extendable to 25 years if the dependent resides with their parents and is enrolled in a recognised post-secondary institution.

Key features of "CoverBora" include affordable comprehensive inpatient coverage starting from Ksh6,200 per year for individuals and Ksh12,600 for families. The plan also includes inbuilt maternity benefits and last expense coverage. Additionally, no health check-up is required for enrollment, and "CoverBora" offers minimal waiting periods, ensuring swift access to medical services.

With "CoverBora," individuals and families can access reliable hospitalization coverage without compromising on affordability, providing peace of mind and financial security during times of medical need.

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  • Do you have health insurance policies for children?

We have a standalone cover for children between the ages of 0–17 years, which offers five flexible plans and great benefits. Children between the ages of 0–18 have coverage under both J Care and J Care Johari policies, which extends to 25 years old for dependent children.

  • Do you have health insurance for senior citizens?

Yes, Jubilee Health offers coverage for members aged 61 –80 with the option of extending it to 85. The policy has 5 flexible plans to choose from.

  • What health insurance policies do you offer?

Jubilee health offers insurance coverage for individuals, families, groups or chama’s , SME’s, corporate organizations amongst others. Our individual health policies depend on the budget and the age of the principal member. For further inquiries please talk to us on 0709094000. Or click to learn more.

  • Which health insurance cover do you have for individuals

We have five individual health insurance policies, namely, J Senior, J Care Junior, J Care, J Care Johari and CoverBora.

  • Can I use my Jubilee Health insurance cover as soon as I receive my card?

You can use your Jubilee Health cover within 30 days of receiving you membership card.

  • Which illnesses are covered under Jubilee Health policies?

All Jubilee Health policies are comprehensive and cover a wide variety of illnesses. However, coverage for certain chronic conditions must be clearly stated in your policy document. Additionally, some conditions have a one-year waiting period. These include diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, cancer, HIV etc. Please check your policy document for illnesses covered and their waiting periods.

  • Can I get CT scans, MRIs or dialysis procedures after receiving my insurance card?

These tests have a one-year waiting period, meaning you’ll be able to access them in the second year of your coverage.

  • Who do I contact in case of issues with my insurance cover, card and health provider?

For help or information regarding card loss, your insurance cover or provider, please reach our 24/7 hotline on 0709094000 or email us on

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