Exciting New TV Shows Lined Up for April

  • The late NBA star Kobe Bryant featured in his new documentary Kobe: The Life of a Legend.
    The late NBA star Kobe Bryant featured in his new documentary Kobe: The Life of a Legend.
  • Showmax is set to release exciting new shows this April providing a wider variety of entertainment; from award-winning TV series to gripping movies, all catering for a diverse category of audience – There is something for everyone.

    Fake Famous

    Can you artificially become famous on social media? That’s what the creator of Fake Famous, Nick Bilton, went out to achieve in this social experiment. Nick picks three random people and creates a fake glamorous lifestyle and buys thousands of followers all in the name of making them social media influencers. The result of the experiment is an interesting discussion on the merits and demerits of social media.

    Kobe: Life of a Legend

    Few have made it to the sports legendary status like former NBA star Kobe Bryant. In this sports documentary, the creators take us behind the headlines and give us a glimpse of the man that has epitomized commitment, excellence and talent on and off the basketball court.

    Story Yangu S4

    Insightful interviews of celebrities and personalities in Kenya revealing little known facts and experiences usually hidden from the public domain.

    Date My Family Kenya S2

    Cast members of the Date My Family show streaming on Showmax.
    Cast members of the Date My Family show streaming on Showmax.

    Blind date with a twist where prospective candidates first have to meet the family or friends of the date before they get to know each other. This dating show, now in season 2, has twists and turns that make for an interesting and often unexpected outcomes.

    Pastor Wants A Wife S1

    The reality show invites the audience to follow a pastor who wants to settle down but needs assistance with finding a partner who shares the same religious values as he does.

    Pandora S2

    Louise Brooks featured in new show Pandora Box
    Louise Brooks featured in new show Pandora Box

    This is a sci-fi action TV series that follows the life of a young woman who decides to investigate the death of her parents in an attack on the New Portland colony. Her return to earth provides a new lease of life but also opens a pandora’s box.

    Trolls World Tour

    This children-appropriate animation brings together an ensemble of actors to depict six troll tribes representing different musical genres; Techno, Funk, Classical, Country, Rock and Pop. Conflict ensues when the queen of rock is determined to silence all other genres and make rock the only recognized genre.

    Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

    This supernatural horror film is based on Stephen King’s 2013 novel by the same name. Danny Torrance, who has psychic abilities and who is also dealing with childhood trauma, goes out to protect a young girl with similar abilities from a cult that wants to exploit the girl.

    The Nevers

    This HBO sci-fi production is set in Victorian times about a gang of women who find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies and a mission to change the world.

    Handmaid’s Tale S4

    Season four of the award-winning TV series picks up with the same intensity where Season three ended with the main character, June, back to the dystopian state of Gilead to seek revenge against those who hurt her and others.