MOZZART Buys Cristiano Ronaldo's Armband for Ksh8.1 Million for Little Gavrilo

  • International football player Cristiano Ronaldo
    International football player Cristiano Ronaldo
  • The captain's armband of Cristiano Ronaldo, thrown to the ground of the Belgrade’s Maracana after the Serbia's World Cup qualifier match against Portugal, was bought by the company Mozzart at a humanitarian auction and thus provided 7,500,000 dinars for the medical treatment of little Gavrilo Djurdjevic!

    The auction was hosted online through Limundo platform by the organization "Together for Life", which ended this morning at 9:38 am when Mozzart's offer was declared the highest.

    We decided to participate in the auction, primarily because of its humanitarian cause, together with the strong desire to awaken the importance of social responsibility in other individuals, companies and organizations. 

    For many years now, Mozzart has been helping many organizations in charge of raising the money for the treatment of children. We immediately joined the auction with the desire, not only to elevate the required amount for the little Gavrilo, but also to raise the awareness of how necessary it is for all of us to be united and to continuously provide support to such actions.

    "The auction got entire Serbia moving, which is why we hope that as many people as possible will now get involved and help, in accordance with their financial capacities," said Borjan Popović, Director of the Corporate communications sector of Mozzart.

    As mentioned, Ronaldo angrily threw down his armband near the touchline after his injury-time goal was disallowed. After the match, it was picked up by a young firefighter on duty Djordje Vukicevic, with the human purpose of helping little Gavrilo.

    Gavrilo was born on September 7, 2020, and three months after his birth, he was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease SMA 1 (spinal muscle atrophy type 1). You can read HERE how you can help Gavrilo  in his difficult fight.