From Narok to Germany, How One Organization Changed My Life

Promotional poster of East Africans Study In Germany
Promotional poster of East Africans Study In Germany
East Africans Study In Germany

Quoting the words of Eddie Harris, Jr., “The sooner you step away from your comfort zone, the sooner you'll realize that it wasn't all that comfortable.” Mine is not just a story of how my life has been on the ascent socially, but also about how I took the brave step of daring to try.

As I sit outside my parents’ house in Kajiado, enjoying the early morning sunshine, I think about how much my life has changed over the past two years. Well, I just landed back in my home country two weeks ago from Germany, where I am building another life story for myself.

Throughout my four years in secondary school, I always worked toward achieving my goal of becoming a medical nurse. Cliché as it may be, I had my own unique yet common reasons for pursuing this particular dream.

In the words of Malcolm Gladwell: autonomy, complexity, and a connection between effort and reward, are the three qualities that work has to have, if it is to be satisfying. Knowing that I could create an impact in society by helping others and improving patients’ quality of life was exceedingly satisfying.

On one fine, quiet afternoon, relaxing in my bedroom during those post-secondary school days, I was busy scrolling through social media and catching up with the news and current affairs in the country and the world at large. I came across a page on Instagram that captured my attention; the account name, @eastafricansstudyingermany. 

Promotional poster of East Africans Study In Germany
Promotional poster of East Africans Study In Germany
East Africans Study In Germany

 In brief, the page described how one can move to Germany and further their education in different programs, including a Master’s and Bachelors program. Their Nursing and Hospitality courses were coupled with promises of job placements and they encouraged learners to create the future they’ve always envisioned.

I scrolled through the page, and what I saw sparked something inexplicable in me. In brief words, the page describes how one can move to Germany and further their education in different programs including Master's and Bachelor's (fully taught in English), nursing training and job placement and Hospitality training and job placement as well as creating the future and dream that they have always envisioned.

Enlivened, I quickly wrote a message to the account handler for more information. The response was immediate and I was given directions to their offices - Muthaiga Square, Second Floor Suite 201 - as well as contact information. 

I quickly head to WhatsApp and send an inquiry with my name to one of the contacts that was given to me and within no time, someone from their office calls me!! The conversation between the person at the end of the line and I didn’t sound like one between two people who have never met nor spoken before, but sounded more like we have known each other for quite some time. The caller and I made arrangements to meet in their office the next day with my academic documents so that we could further discuss my program of interest, Nursing Training and Job Placement, a fully funded program with a monthly stipend of 1200 Euros.

Throughout the consultation process, I was impressed with how the consultant handled me and took me through all the necessary steps. She answered all my questions patiently and by the time I was leaving that office, I had already made up my mind to join the next intake. However, there was one requirement that juggled my mind and bothered me the entire journey back home; studying German Language. 

The thought of learning something new, changing my daily routine, adjusting to this new schedule and not forgetting the fact that this was a completely whole new language; among others were the many thoughts that sped through my mind and made me question if I was really ready for this.

A pivotal moment was when I realized that nothing ever comes easy, and for one to get to their destination, they must pass through several challenges and overcome obstacles, no matter how big or small. Although a bit hesitant and quite unsure, I joined the next intake and began the online German Language Classes which were being taught by a native speaker. Until the end of my German Language Course, my consultant would always check up on me and encourage me throughout the journey. 

I must say, it was not an easy journey, breaking the normal day-to-day schedule that I had adapted and making sacrifices such as friendships to dedicate my time and work towards achieving my one goal. East Africans Study in Germany as a whole perfectly illustrates that rather than always climbing the steps of success, sometimes we ought to slip into the valley of truth and reality.

Whenever I felt like giving up, I would look back at my background and that would motivate me to work harder and change my life story. Particularly for those of us confronting the intense heat of poverty, insecurity, enduringincapacities and failuresthere’s continuously an opportunity around us to sow the correct seeds for the less advantageous individuals and weed out the shallowuntrue and worthless belonging and this was the opportunity that I had long hoped for.

Not only did East Africans Study in Germany help me in the transition process from Kenya to Germany, but also helped me achieve what most would deem unachievable. Their seamless application process is one of a kind. The other amazing thing about them is that, even when in Germany, they still check on you and assist you where necessary. 

I now look at myself and look at the person that I was, two years ago, and all I can say is that East Africans Study in Germany present an invitation to join a change-making movement, and I can comfortably attest to them working towards their mission, which is, to be the most helpful, creative and ground-breaking education consulting agency in Germany. The opportunities they provide for people to better their lives in Germany encourage them to leave their comfort zones and impact their societies positively.

Thinking Germany? Think East Africans Study in Germany!!

Contacts: 0769550550
Location: Muthaiga Square Block B suite 201 & 202

Promotional poster of East Africans Study In Germany
Promotional poster of East Africans Study In Germany
East Africans Study In Germany

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