Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries

Agriculture continues to be a vital sector of the economy. It is currently the mainstay of the Kenyan rural economy and the largest provider of self employment. Focus will now shift to modernizing and ensuring the attainment of a food secure Kenya.

This ministry is a successor to the ministries of agriculture, livestock and fisheries. The ministry has three state departments to be headed by three principal secretaries.

A. The State Department for Agriculture.
This department will be tasked with policies on agriculture including land consolidation for agricultural benefit.

B. The State Department for Livestock.
This department will handle policies on livestock and veterinary as well as bee keeping.

C. The State Department for Fisheries.
This state department will be tasked with policies that enhance the development of the fisheries industry

Other Key Officers: 

Director of Administration
Mr. Kiritu Wamae

Agriculture Secretary
Ms. Ann Onyango

Director of Administration
Mrs. Philomena Koech

Livestock Secretary
Mr. Alexander Cherop

Fisheries Secretary
Prof. Charles C. Ngugi

Director of Administration
Mr. Patrick Osare


  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Authority
  • Agricultural Development Corporation
  • Agricultural Information Resource Centre
  • Agro-Chemical and Food Company
  • Bukura Agricultural College
  • Central Agricultural Board
  • Chemelil Sugar Company
  • Coconut Development Authority
  • Coffee Development Fund
  • Coffee Board of Kenya
  • Coffee Research Foundation
  • Cotton Development Authority
  • Horticultural Crops Development Authority
  • Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  • Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Centre
  • Kenya Dairy Board
  • Kenya Electricity Transmission Company
  • Kenya Farmers Association
  • Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  • Kenya Meat Commission
  • Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd
  • Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service
  • Kenya Seed Company
  • Kenya Sisal Board
  • Kenya Sugar Board
  • Kenya Sugar Research Foundation
  • Kenya Veterinary Vaccine Production Centres
  • Miwani Sugar Factory
  • Muhoroni Sugar Factory
  • Mumias Sugar Company
  • National Bio-Safety Authority
  • National Cereals and Produce Board
  • National Irrigation Board
  • Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation
  • Nzoia Sugar Company
  • Pest Control Products Board
  • Pyrethrum Board of Kenya
  • South Nyanza Sugar Company
  • Tea Board of Kenya
  • Tea Research Foundation


  • Agricultural Farmers Training
  • Agricultural Land Resources Inventory and Management
  • Agricultural Machinery Services Management
  • Agricultural Policy and Services
  • Agricultural Training Colleges
  • Agricultural/Livestock Insurance Policy
  • Bio-Safety Management
  • Cotton Development
  • Crop Research Development
  • Development of Fisheries
  • Development of Livestock Industry
  • Fish Quality Assurance and Value Addition
  • Fisheries Marketing
  • Fisheries Policy
  • Fishing Licensing
  • Food Safety and Inspections
  • Food Security
  • Livestock Branding
  • Livestock Marketing
  • Livestock Policy Management
  • Livestock Research and Development
  • National Food Security Policy
  • National Irrigation Policy
  • Phytosanitary Services
  • Policy on Land Consolidation for Agricultural Benefit
  • Promotion of Bee-keeping Industry
  • Promotion of Dairy Industry
  • Promotion of Tannery Industry
  • Protection and Regulation of Marine Ecosystems
  • Protection of Fisheries in Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
  • Range Development and Management
  • Strategic Food Reserve
  • Strategic Grain Reserve
  • Veterinary Services and Disease Control Policy


Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries,
Off Cathedral Road, Nairobi
P. O. Box 34188-00100 Kenya
Telephone: Tel.+254-20-2718870 

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