Ministry of Devolution & Planning

This ministry encompasses four large areas of focus that are critical to the Constitutional mandate and policy priorities of the Administration hence placement at the Presidency.

The areas of focus are categorized in three broad spheres.

A. Devolution:
Covers devolution, intergovernmental relations and capacity building at the Counties.

B. Planning
Covers the functions of the former Ministry of planning that includes national development planning and economic policy management

C. Office of Management and Budget.
The office will develop and maintain effective government through budget prioritization and policy direction. It will also be reviewing organizational structure and management procedures in the Executive branch. This unit will deal with human resource management and public sector reform to ensure that intended results are achieved.

D. Coordination of targeted Policy priority areas and Initiatives.
These are large policy areas that are key to the Administration and have constitutional imperatives:

  • Gender policy and mainstreaming,
  • Youth policy and mainstreaming,
  • Special interest groups (marginalised; disabled) policies,
  • Special areas including arid and pastoralists lands,
  • Special programmes and initiatives, and
  • National cohesion and integration

Other Key Officers

Director of Special Programmes
Amb. Abinsai Chepsongoi

Director of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands
Amb. Khayumbi

Director of Devolution
Amb. P.R.O. Owade


  • Capacity Building and Technical Assistance to Counties
  • Career Design and Development
  • Co-ordination of CDF
  • Co-ordination of Inter-Governmental Relations and Devolution
  • Coordination of Youth, Gender and Special Interests
  • Economic Commission for Africa
  • Emergencies and Disasters Management
  • Family Protection
  • Food Relief Management
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Gender Policy Management
  • Human Resource Management and Development
  • IDP Policy
  • Implementation of Special Programmes and Initiatives
  • Inter-Governmental Relations
  • Inter-Governmental Summit
  • Kenya National Youth Policy
  • Management of Devolution Affairs
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Economic Trends
  • National Census and Housing Surveys
  • National Development Planning
  • National Economic and Social Council and Vision 2030 Advisory
  • National Statistics Management
  • Northern Kenya and other Arid Land Development Policy
  • Office of Management and Budget Efficiency and Monitoring
  • Organisational Design and Development
  • Population Policy Management
  • Promotion of Equitable Social Economic Development between Men and Women
  • Public Benefits Organisation (NGOs) Co-ordination and Management
  • Public Sector Transformation including Operational Standards and Process Engineering
  • Public Service Reform and Performance Management
  • Research, Development and Service Delivery Innovations
  • Shared Services
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Youth Employment Policy
  • Youth Mainstreaming in National Development


  • Community Development Trust Fund
  • Constituency Development Fund Board
  • Drought Management Authority
  • Efficiency Monitoring Unit
  • Humanitarian Mitigation and Resettlement Fund
  • Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
  • Kenya School of Government
  • National Co-ordinating Agency for Population and Development
  • National Economic and Social Council
  • National Planning Authority
  • Performance Contracting
  • Vision 2030 Board

Constitutional Commissions & Independent Offices

  • Kenya Association of Youth Centres
  • Kenya National Youth Council
  • National Youth Service
  • NGO Board
  • NGO Co-ordination Bureau
  • Public Benefit Organisations
  • Public Service Commission
  • Transition Authority
  • Women Enterprise Fund
  • Youth Enterprise Development Fund


The Presidency,
Ministry of Devolution and Planning,
P. O. Box 30005 - 00100,
Telephone: 2252299
Fax: 2218475

(+254) 020-2252299
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