Ministry of Education, Science & Technology

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This Ministry is a successor to the former Ministries of Education and that of Higher Education, Science & technology.
The Ministry encompasses two State Departments to be managed by one Cabinet Secretary and two Principal Secretaries. The departments are:
<strong>A. State Department of Education</strong>
This department will be charged with developing and managing policies and programs on education. A core function is the realization of an educated and professionally well-adjusted workforce for a modern nation.
<strong>B. State Department of Science &amp; Technology</strong>
This department will be charged with amongst other functions, policy formulation on Science &amp; Technology. Further, it will be charged with the coordination, inventory &amp; dissemination of scientific and technological research.
<strong>Other Key Officers:&nbsp;</strong>
<em>Overall Head of Science and Technology</em>
Mrs. Esther Ngeru
<em>Head of National Council for Science Technology&nbsp;and Innovation</em>
Prof. Shaukat A. Abdulrazak
<em>Head of Administration</em>
Mr. Isaiah O. Nyaribo
<em>Head of Technical Education</em>
Mr. Norman O. Wambanyi
<em>Head of Research Management and Development</em>
Dr. George A. Ombakho
<em>Head of Technical Accreditation and Quality&nbsp;Assurance</em>
Mr. Mutinda Mwaa
<em>Head of Directorate of Youth Training</em>
Dr. D. C. Mwinzi
<em>Head of Human Resource Management</em>
Ms. A. W. Kariuki
<em>Chief Economist</em>
Mr. Michael Kahiti
<em>Head of ICT</em>
Mr. Samuel Kitsao
<em>Head of Public Communications</em>
Mr. S. Mbijjiwe
<em>Head of Internal Audit</em>
Mr. Thomas Ireri Njoroge
<em>Head of Supplies Chain Management</em>
Mr. Kenneth Mwangi
<em>Head of Accounts</em>
Ms. Grace Muriuki
<em>Head of Legal Unit</em>
Ms. Edith Torome
<em>Head of Human Resource Development</em>
Mr. W. M. Malenya
<em>Head of Records Management</em>
Mr. Joseph Kimweli
<em>Head of Gender Mainstreaming</em>
Ms. Jane Mwereria
<li>Administration of Early Childhood Education, Standards and Norms</li>
<li>Adult Education Management</li>
<li>Curriculum Development</li>
<li>Education Policy Management</li>
<li>Management of Continuing Education</li>
<li>Management of Education Standards</li>
<li>Management of Institutes of Science and Technology</li>
<li>Management of National Examinations and Certification</li>
<li>Management of National Polytechnics</li>
<li>Management of Technical Training Institutes including Youth Polytechnics</li>
<li>National Council for Science and Technology</li>
<li>Primary and Secondary Education Institutions Management</li>
<li>Public Universities and Tertiary Institutions</li>
<li>Quality Assurance in Education</li>
<li>Registration of Basic Education and Training Institutions</li>
<li>Representation of Kenya in UNESCO</li>
<li>School Administration and Programmes</li>
<li>Science, technology and Innovation Policy</li>
<li>Special Needs Education Management</li>
<li>Teacher Education Management</li>
<li>University Education</li>
<li>University Education Policy Management</li>
<strong>Institutions of Higher Learning:&nbsp;</strong>
<li>Centre for Mathematics, Science &amp; Technology in Africa</li>
<li>Chuka University</li>
<li>Co operative University College</li>
<li>Commission for University Education</li>
<li>Egerton University</li>
<li>Embu University College</li>
<li>Garissa University College</li>
<li>Higher Education Loans Board</li>
<li>Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University</li>
<li>Jomo Kenyatta Foundation</li>
<li>Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture &amp; Technology</li>
<li>Kabianga University</li>
<li>Karatina University</li>
<li>Kenya Education Management Institute</li>
<li>Kenya Institute of Education</li>
<li>Kenya Institute of Special Education</li>
<li>Kenya Literature Bureau</li>
<li>Kenya National Examinations Council</li>
<li>Kenyatta University</li>
<li>Kimathi University of Science &amp; Technology</li>
<li>Kirinyaga University College</li>
<li>Kisii University</li>
<li>Kisumu Polytechnic</li>
<li>Laikipia University</li>
<li>Machakos University College</li>
<li>Masai Mara University</li>
<li>Maseno University</li>
<li>Masinde Muliro University of Science &amp; Technology</li>
<li>Meru University College of Science &amp; Technology</li>
<li>Moi University</li>
<li>Multi-Media University</li>
<li>Murang&rsquo;a University College</li>
<li>National council for Science &amp; Technology</li>
<li>Pwani University</li>
<li>Rongo University College</li>
<li>School Equipment Production Unit</li>
<li>South Eastern University</li>
<li>Taita Taveta University</li>
<li>Technical University of Kenya, The</li>
<li>Technical University of Mombasa</li>
<li>University of Eldoret</li>
<li>University of Nairobi</li>
<strong>Constitutional Commissions/Offices:</strong>
<li>Teachers Service Commission</li>
Education -&nbsp;
Science &amp; Technology -&nbsp;
<strong>State Department of Science and Technology</strong>
P.O BOX 9583-00200
Jogoo House B,Harambee Avenue
Tel: +254-020-318581
Fax: +254-020-251991
<strong>State Department of Education</strong>
P.O Box 30040-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue
Tel: +254(0)20318581
Fax: +254(0)20214287
<strong>Directorate of Technical Education</strong>
24th Floor, Teleposta Towers,
Tel: 2242392
<strong>Directorate of Higher Education</strong>
26th floor, Teleposta Towers,
Tel: 2217210/1/2/4/6/9
<strong>Directorate of Research Management and Development</strong>
Utalii House,
Tel: 2219420 ,2218655, 310571
<strong>National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation</strong>
Tel: 2219420,2241349,310571/2218655&nbsp;
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