Ministry of Mining

This is the first time Kenya has a stand alone Ministry responsible for mining. For some time, Kenyans have had a discourse on the significant potential and untapped wealth of our mineral resources. The creation of this Ministry will focus attention on this sector with the aim of growing our national wealth.

The Ministry will develop an inventory and mapping of mineral resources, and will promote a modern mining and extractive industry for the benefit of Kenyans. 

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Other Key Officers

Mining Secretary
Said Alhman

Ag. Director of Administreation
D. K. Mesis

Directorates, Departments and Specialized Institutions:

  1. Directorate of Mineral Management and regulations;
  2. Directorate of Geological Surveys;
  3. Directorate of mineral promotion and value addition;
  4. Directorate of Mine health, safety and environment;
  5. Directorate of resource surveys and remote sensing;
  6. Directorate of corporate affairs;
  7. Geo-data centre and minerals certification laboratory;
  8. Mineral audit agency;
  9. Policy, strategy, research, legal, and capacity building; 


  • Mineral Exploration and Mining Policy and Management;
  • Inventory and Mapping of Mineral Resources;
  • Mining and Minerals Development;
  • Policies on the Management of Quarrying and Mining of Rocks and Industrial Minerals e.g Limestone, Building Stone, Clay, Gemstones, Cement, Sand, Coal e.t.c;
  • Management of Health Conditions and Health and Safety in Mines;
  • Policy around Extractive Industry;
  • Resources Survey and Remote Sensing;
  • Maintenance of Geological Data (Research, Collection, Collation, Analysis); 

Works Building, Ngong Road, 
P.O. Box 30009, 00100, Nairobi, Kenya  
Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 (020) 2723101
Fax: +254 (020) 2714398

+254 (020) 2723101
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