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He started singing when he was in primary. He used to be part of a group called Ghetto Clan with his brother called Wambugu. Initially, he couldn't write his own songs, so he would borrow content, and sing it in school, and his schoolmates would give him encouragement

Celtel was holding a talent search and they were looking for three contestants in every province, so when they came to his province, he went for the competition and was among the top three, then later In the finals he managed to become number two where he won twenty thousand.
At that time he was going through hard times, so he came to Nairobi looked for Clemo talked to him and explained his situation and that’s when Clemo took him in.

His single, Jana kuliendaje was a major hit in 2008 and won him an award at Kenya's Chaguo la Teeniz

He wrote Kuliendaje out of bitterness for a friend of his called Omari, who would come drunk at night and throw me out in the cold, then, the following morning he would look for me and apologize saying he could not remember what happened.

He is signed to Calif Records, which is synonymous with two of Kenya's biggest music personalities, the rapper Jua Cali and the producer Clemo.

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