2 Kenyan Women Stranded in India Due to Lack of Detention Centres

Passengers inside the Mumbai International Airport in India
Passengers inside the Mumbai International Airport in India
Mumbai International Airport

Two Kenyan women have been stranded in India since April due to inadequate detention facilities in the Asian nation.

Detention centres in India are created to accommodate refugees in the country after they post bail in court.

According to Indian media outlets on Thursday, the two were arrested in January after immigration officials learnt that they were in the country without valid visas.

They were reportedly living in an apartment near Nettoor, Ernakulam before the arrest. The duo would later be arraigned in court to face charges.

Two India passports on diplay
Two Indian passports on display
High Commission of India

After court proceedings, the two were transferred from jail to a detention centre in Kollam but it was revealed that the centre lacked facilities to accommodate women.

"With the permission of the jurisdictional magistrate court, both women were then transferred to Gandhi Bhavan, Pathanapuram, in Kollam district," read a report from Times of India.

However, this order was also opposed by the central government which remarked that the area in question did not have facilities to accommodate women.

The two women are facing this dilemma despite the Indian government ordering the creation of a detention centre for women in September 2022.

Currently, the two are being held at the Sakhi One Stop Centre which also lacks enough facilities to accommodate the Kenyan woman.

Despite this shortage, the court has directed that the two remain at the facility before a detention center is established.

The Indian government assured that it was taking the necessary steps to set up transit centers for the Kenyans and other women released on bail.

The relevant department in India has further asked for two months to ensure the facilities are up and running.

Refugees at the detention centre in Assam India
Refugees at the detention centre in Assam India
Hindustan Times
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