Police Officer Breaks Into Tears After Brother Allegedly Gets Shot During Anti-Govt Protests

Police officer breaks down after brother allegedly shot by police officers
Police officer breaks down after brother allegedly shot by police officers

A police officer on Tuesday broke down in tears after his brother reportedly got shot while participating in anti-government demonstrations.

The officer while wailing, accused the government of orchestrating the tragic incident and contemplated resigning from his job.

According to the officer, he was ready to surrender his police attire back and quit the service since police officers were no longer undertaking their role of protecting human lives.

The police officer's brother was reportedly among those demonstrating near the parliament buildings when police officers allegedly shot him.

Protesters teargassed in Nairobi
Protesters teargassed in Nairobi.
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In the video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the officer while flanked by friends, could be seen sobbing in tears as he prepared to visit his injured brother in hospital.

"Let me go to Kenyatta Hospital, follow up if it's my blood then go remove the uniform and give it back to them," the officer could be heard lamenting.

The incident comes barely an hour after several protestors were shot outside the parliament buildings in Nairobi while attempting to gain entry into the highly guarded Bunger Towers.

About five anti-Finance Bill protestors were shot after attempting to breach a security barrier near the parliament premises.

According to the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC), police officers manning the parliament buildings reportedly shot five protestors, killing one.

While revealing the horrific details, the commission condemned the killing terming it as unacceptable and a grave violation of human rights.

"Police have shot four protesters, as witnessed by KHRC, killing one. We strongly condemn the police killing," the Kenya Human Rights Commission noted in a statement. 

Such actions are unacceptable and constitute a grave violation of human rights."

During the showdown, sounds of gunshots could be heard from a distance as police intervened to contain the protestors who began pelting objects at the armed officers.

Protestors during the anti-finance bill protests in Nairobi.
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