12 Year Old Girl Found Murdered And Her Body Buried Halfway

  • Residents of a village in Maragwa constituency, Murang'a county were left appalled by an incident in which the body of a standard seven pupil was found halfway buried in a maize plantation.

    The girl is said to have been raped more than once, stabbed on the neck and her head buried in a pit in the farm.

    The girl's brutal murder has left residents in anger, more so her family members who are still trying to understand what happened to their child.

    According to K24, the girl was discovered missing after friends came looking for her at home. Scenes from the girl's bedroom indicate a bloody altercation.

    The mother of the deceased told police officers that the girl had earlier on gotten into an argument with her step brother, who is now missing along with his father.

    A set of keys belonging to the boy was found next to the body. Police have now launched a man hunt for both the boy and his father.


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