13 Year Old Girl Disappears After Her Mother Confiscates Her Phone Over WhatsApp

  • A 13-year-old has disappeared from Nairobi's Valley View Estate after her phone was confiscated for spending a lot of time on WhatsApp. 

    Sheila Kagendo a pupil at Utawala Academy is said to have left a letter on the table cautioning her parents against looking for her since she was old enough to take care of herself.

    “Thank you, mum and dad, for raising me well, may Jehova continue to bless you, but for now, I need to go. I am a big girl and I can take care of myself. Please don’t bother looking for me,” Kagendo wrote in the letter.

    She went on to apologise to her siblings and friends for the pain she would cause after her disappearance.

    “I love you very much. I am very sorry for what I have done. Please do not cry because I am making life difficult for you. I am sorry. Please do not look for me, I have gone to start a new life. Bye to my friends and family,” Kagendo added.

    Kagendo's mother Lenna Mwaniki noted that two months ago, they had agreed that the girl would delete her WhatsApp application from her phone so that she would concentrate on her studies.

    According to Ms Mwaniki, Kagendo obliged at first but later downloaded the same application forcing her mother to take away the phone.

    Mrs Mwaniki revealed that Kagendo had taken Sh1000 from the house when she left.

    Speaking to kenyans.co.ke the girl's father Mr Mwaniki stated, "When Sheila left she was wearing a grey  trouser and a pink top and she was also carrying a bag which might have had some clothes, so maybe she might change into some other clothes later making it had to identify her as per the description that was given."

    He added that he had earlier received a call about a missing girl who had been found in Meru but investigations revealed that the girl was not Sheila.

    "After reporting the matter to police officers at Kayole, they said said that they would contact us in case they got any information." Mr Mwaniki stated.