Muthama Reveals What Happened Between Him and Agnes Kavindu

  • Machakos senator Johnson Muthama has broken his silence to clear the air on what really happened between him and Agnes Kavindu, his enstranged wife.

    Muthama revealed that they part ways in 1983 in a nasty divorce suit that ended their rocky marriage.

    He revealed that the dowry which had been paid for Kavindu was duly refunded to his parents, severing all ties.

    Muthama dismissed Kavindu, who is now Jubilee Party's nominee for the Machakos Woman-Rep seat, claiming that she is a criminal clinging to his name with false claims that he had allegedly remarried her.

    "Huyu ni mwanamke mkora (This is a criminal woman)," he said.

    "She is not my wife. We parted ways in 1983 in court but since I am a true African man who cares about the welfare of his children, I decided to get her some place to live because she was struggling with life in Nairobi,” he added.

    Kavindu moved to court after the divorce with claims that Muthama was allegedly married to her.

    Muthama disclosed that it would not be surprise to learn that Kavindu is being used by Jubilee to tarnish his name and image.

    What is playing out currently is the latest episode of the Muthama-Kavindu drama. In 2014, Kavindu sought help from Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), claiming that Muthama was harassing him.

    At the time, Kavindu accused him of evicting her from their home and taking all household items.