Shock as Kenyan Baby Resurrects at Funeral in Mwingi

  • By Jared Too on Sunday, 18 June 2017 - 4:55pm
    empty grave site Courtesy
  • There was drama at Mbondoni village in Mwingi, after a baby ‘resurrected’ at her funeral on Saturday leaving residents in shock.

    According to a relative, Major Mwenga, the child had passed away three days ago after a sudden illness.

    Mwenga stated that drama started after women who had been sent to dress the deceased noticed a change in temperature.

    He said that the child coughed as she was being dressed for internment leaving them in shock.

    "After the baby girl regained life, we rushed her to a nearby hospital. We have already informed the authorities about the same," said Mwenga .

    When word spread that the child had 'resurrected', some of the mourners reportedly fled in disbelief.

    Mwenga added that since the child's grave had already been dug, they had to bury a banana trunk in the grave in line with the Kamba traditions.



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