Joseph Nkaissery, George Saitoti and Other Leaders From The Maasai Community Who Died Recently

  • Over the last five years, Kenya has lost influential politicians who would have influenced Kenya's future. The Maa community, in particular, will remember the last five years as probably the worst as they lost four of their top leaders. has compiled the following report on the politicians who have died.

    Joseph Nkaissery

    The interior CS was leading in championing the rights of the Maa community and advocating for various issues touching on the community. As an elder of the community, he was tasked with charting the direction the community would take in politics as well as on different issues.

    His sudden death was a big blow to a community that only recently lost the political father figure.

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    George Saitoti

    The former Vice President who also served in various ministries had considerable influence across the nation.

    Prior to his death in a plane crash in 2012, Saitoti was cited by many as a contender for the presidency in 2013.

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    William Ole Ntimama

    The veteran politician served as Narok North MP for 25 years and was the undisputed Maasai father figure and political kingpin.

    He served in various ministerial positions and championed the interest of the community, consolidating the community's support.

    He retired from politics in September 2013 but still remained a crucial voice in guiding the community's political path.

    He passed on at the age of 86, bringing an impressive political career to an end.

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    John Keen

    At 90 years old, John Keen had substantial influence among the Maa community and was an elder who not only advocated for the rights of the community but also guided them.

    His political career began before independence.

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