Meet Chris Kirubi's Daughter Mary-Ann Musangi Who is Director at Sidian Bank

  • Nairobi Businessman Dr Chris Kirubi has a 46-year old daughter by the name Mary-Ann Musangi who is a director at the Sidian Bank.

    Mrs Musangi has a wealth of experience in marketing, owns two high-end restaurants in Nairobi, is a mother and married to lawyer Andrew Mukite Musangi.

    Her career that spans 23 years has seen her work with big brands including Coca-Cola, KCB, GlaxoSmithkline and Ogilvy & Mather as a brand manager.

    After working in the corporate world for 15 years, the Master of Science in Management (University of Surrey, UK) graduate left employment to become a mother and start the Secret Garden Restaurant and recently, the Olpul Restaurant at the Two Rivers Mall.

    Speaking on her relationship with her father, Mrs Musangi revealed that the divorce between her parents had a lasting effect that spilled into her marriage.

    "You know, I’m from a divorced home so I never got an opportunity to experience a family life in that respect. So for me, I was very scared getting married because I didn’t know how that would work. Nobody really taught me. I have a very patient husband," she said during an interview with the Business Daily.

    She, however, expressed great admiration for her father stating that they shared the same personality as well as the entrepreneurial spirit.

    "My father was an orphan. He grew up on the streets. Yes, people say he’s proud, but he deserves to be proud considering where he’s reached, from where he came from.

    "We’re similar in character. The work ethic, the stubbornness. My dad is always pushing it. He’s a man who should have retired by now but he will not. I don’t think he should. If he still has a lot to give, he should continue giving," she explained.

    When asked about media reports that paint her father in a bad light, Mrs Musangi conveyed that she always gets upset with them.

    She also described her mother as a quiet, reserved and private person whose main focus after the divorce has been her children. 

    Here is a photo of Mrs. Musangi courtesy of the Business Daily.

    [caption caption="Mrs Mary-Ann Musangi, daughter to Billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi"][/caption]