7 Features of New Anti-riot vehicles to Deal With Post Election Violence

  • By Juliet Mutahi on Monday, 17 July 2017 - 1:58pm
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  • Over the past few weeks, the government has shipped in massive equipment including crowd-control vehicles, guns and tear gas to deal with any mass protests after the August 8 elections. 

    The newly-purchased armoured vehicles are fitted with advanced features.

    According to the manufacturer's website, the new anti-riot vehicles have the capacity to carry 9,000 litres of water and are fixed with various riot control mixing stuff including foam, tear gas and paint that stick to and single out protesters running away.

    Each of the new trucks has two water cannons on the top of the cabin.

    They also have a fully automated and centralised control system, a cabin protector and can carry seven crew at a time. 

    The vehicles have a capacity to mix the chemical from the cabin while water gun shooting.

    The vehicle's nozzle can shoot a distance of minimum 25 meters and maximum 70 meters with an elevation of 90 degrees and rotation of 320 degrees.

    Other features include a run-flat tyre so that it can drive under damaged conditions for 50km at 50km per hour. 

    It also has Cabin Pressure Control System for increasing the pressure of the cabin to keep external gas out, ventilation and air pressure control.

    Inspector-General Joseph Boinnet on Monday said police would have to use “slightly more force than that used by violence perpetrators” if chaos breaks out.

    "If violence occurs, then we have to stop it and it means we will use slightly more force than that used by those causing violence," Boinnet stated during a meeting on election preparedness at a Nairobi hotel.

    He sought to allay fears of police brutality, saying police officers were being armed to ensure they have the capacity to handle any eventuality.

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