NASA Leader Raila Odinga Expresses Disappointment with International Poll Observers

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has expressed his disappointment with the reports from international election observers indicating that the  Kenyan elections were free and fair.

    Speaking to CNN shortly after a NASA press briefing on Thursday evening, Mr Odinga noted the observers concentrated on voting and tallying but not the transmission of the results.

    According to Raila, the transmission and tallying of results were the main issue of concern and the observers failed to note and address it.

    “The observers were more concerned with cosmetic aspects. I think the observers have not helped Kenyans resolve this dispute, they have confounded it by giving basically an approval to a fairly flawed process.

    "I am very disappointed with John Kerry and the other team of observers,” he stated.

    Regarding protests that have so far been witnessed in Kisumu, Kibera and Mathare areas, Mr Odinga stated that he does not control anyone adding that the residents were demonstrating because they wanted justice.

    He, however, called on all his supporters to remain calm and wait for IEBC's final announcement.

    “We know the consequences of 2007 and we do not want to see a repeat of that anymore,” he stated.

    Mr Odinga made the remarks in respect to various groups of international election observers who noted that the polls were credible.

    On Thursday, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Carter Centre observer mission noted that the process of carrying out the elections was “quite positive”.

    “The tallying is ongoing but we believe that the elections commission in Kenya has put in place a process that will allow each and every vote integrity to be proven and to be protected.

    "There is a way to go back, if anything was changed, if anything was fiddled with, to absolutely ascertain what happened in the polling station,” he stated.

    Other groups of observers, also reported that the process had been largely peaceful and credible.

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