New Petition Filed Against the Jubilee Government

The Kenyan government is being sued by two residents from the Western region in a bid to push for the secession agenda in Kenya.

According to the case filed at the Constitutional Division of the High Court, Mr Mathew Okwanda Mwilitsa and Mr Alex Misigo Matisa are requesting the Court to allow them to hold a referendum to decide their political future.

“The petitioners are personally and on behalf of their community urging the honourable court to be pleased to grant the people occupying the territory formerly known as the Eastern Province of Uganda leave to hold a referendum so as to exercise their right to determine in terms of their rights to nationality, territorial integrity, economic, social and culture as a people,” the petition reads.

The petitioners are also suing the Ugandan and British governments for destabilizing the once united Abaluhya kingdom.

“The inhabitants of the former Eastern Province of Uganda were between the years 1895 – 1962 a distinct, cohesive, homogeneous and a united community under the able leadership of their King Nabongo Mumia, whose territorial jurisdiction spread from Jinja in present-day Uganda to Kijabe with the boundary being at Susua in the then British East Africa Protectorate (now Kenya).

"The Government of the United Kingdom by design failed to resolve the Abaluhya Question when it was in a position to do so before granting independence to the British East Africa Protectorate, and therefore liable to pay reparations for the anguish and sorrow suffered by the said community to date,” the petition conveys.

The petitioners further claim that the Luhya community has suffered discrimination in employment opportunities and sharing of resources in the country.

"The community has similarly been marginalised economically, socially, culturally and politically and in the end, the community has been given a derogatory tag as being ‘professional cooks and watchmen," the petition maintains.

On Thursday, Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata asked the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Keriako Tobiko, to have National Super Alliance (NASA) Chief Economist David Ndii prosecuted over secession remarks.

Mr Kang'ata, who is the Senate Deputy Majority Whip, wrote to the DPP seeking prosecution of Mr Ndii over his remarks advocating for the Country to be divided into two halves. 

Last month, Dr Ndii created a petition to divide the country into two halves noting that for the past 54 years of Kenya's independence, the country has consistently been ruled by two communities yet it is a country with 44 tribes.

He submitted that successive Kenyan governments have perpetuated a culture of impunity through rigged elections that deny Kenyans from other tribes the ability to self-determine and even grow economically.