NASA Announces What They Will Do to IEBC on Tuesday

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders have declared that nationwide protests against the IEBC will kick off on Tuesday.

    Speaking on Sunday during a rally in Kangemi, Nairobi, the leaders announced that they will make good their threats of mass action to ensure that the IEBC officials whom they consider compromised are removed.

    NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga declared that the compromised officials would be forced out of their Anniversary Towers offices if they refused to leave.

    "If those thieves, CEO Ezra Chiloba and his partners, refuse to leave on their own terms, and if they refuse to cancel the contract with Al Ghurair then on Tuesday morning all of Kenya will go there to remove them," Mr Odinga had declared.

    NASA presidential running mate Kalonzo Musyoka echoed the remarks saying that if they refused to leave then the country would not have an election.

    "If they don't remove the thieves in the IEBC then there will be no election. We are not saying that we will come with guns and spears but according to the law, there will be no election," Kalonzo reiterated.

    The Opposition coalition has particularly taken issue with 12 officials, among them CEO Ezra Chiloba, commissioners and senior directors.

    "Kenyans are coming for you. Salvage what you can and run. There will be no election with you in office," Raila threatened.

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    NASA's call to mass action has come amid an official investigation on the IEBC launched by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

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