US, UK Governments Anger Raila

  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) Leader Raila Odinga has expressed his frustration with the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) for keeping mum after the Indepent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) indicated that they cannot guarantee a free and fair election.

    Through Mr Odinga's Adviser, Salim Lone, the coalition raised concerns that the two nations had not spoken out after IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe resigned and Chairperson Wafula Chebukati expressed uncertainty over next week's election.

    "So it has come down to this: The US and the UK have not spoken since the astonishing confession by IEBC chairman Chebukati that he cannot guarantee that the election slated for 26 October will be free and fair, that his own staff do not listen to him, and that he cannot see how we can hold an election in which six million Kenyans who voted for Raila Odinga will feel disenfranchised.

    “Roselyn Akombe's comments were even more startling, including her view that most Commissioners are keen to have an election even if it is at the cost of the lives of our staff and voters,” Mr Lone stated.

    [caption caption="File image of NASA Leaders meeting with foreign envoys"][/caption]

    He further mentioned that the two nations ought to have spoken on the issue or else they would be "abetting the naked power grab by President Uhuru Kenyatta."

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    The Opposition Leader also took issue with the  African Union (AU), accusing them of failing to help the country resolve the current stalemate.

    Meanwhile, the NASA Leader on Thursday revealed that he might participate in next week's repeat presidential election if reforms are implemented by the electoral commission.

    Addressing journalists outside the IEBC offices at Anniversary Towers after a closed-door meeting with Mr Chebukati, Odinga stated that if the 12 irreducible minimums are met, he will be back in the race.

    "If proper consultations and reforms are done, and our concerns are addressed, we will reconsider our position," he stated.

    Mr Odinga also stated that he was not interested in negotiating for a coalition government as has been claimed by Jubilee leaders.

    "They (Jubilee) want to portray me as desperate. I am not begging to meet Kenyatta.

    "How many times should I repeat that I do not want a nusu-mkate (power sharing) deal. I am not interested in a poisoned bread," Odinga remarked.