Jubilee Supporters Have Turned Against Uhuru - New Report Reveals

  • By Michael Musyoka on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 - 6:16pm
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  • A new report by IPSOS Synovate has revealed that a majority of Jubilee supporters believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction in President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration.

    While releasing the findings from a national survey on Tuesday, the research firm showed that 75 percent of the Jubilee supporters think the country is headed the wrong way compared to 90 percent of their NASA counterparts.

    When further questioned on why they believed so, a majority of the respondents cited the cost of living and leadership as the main cause of this with 36 percent and 34 percent respectively.



    12 percent of the respondents blamed election issues while 6 percent signaled tribalism and ethnic tensions as the cause.

    The survey was conducted between 14th and 22nd October 2017.

    Furthermore, the study disclosed that Kenyans were clearly divided regarding the state of Kenya’s democracy, with slightly fewer than half compared to slightly more than half (51%) on the negative side. 

    Notwithstanding the expressed displeasure of most Jubilee supporters with the Supreme Court’s nullification of the August 8 presidential election, more than half of them (56%) chose either of these two positive options, as opposed to those of NASA (28%), representing twice as many.

    "More than four-in-five Kenyans (84%) could mention “the major decision made by the Supreme Court two weeks after the August 8 general election” (84%), with more than half of them (59%) also able to give the correct score of the vote among the Justices (4-2). 

    "Among those aware, about half (53%) revealed that they were “very surprised” as this decision, though twice as many Jubilee as NASA supporters expressed this view (71% vs. 35%)," the report read.

    Additionally, the survey showed that Jubilee enjoyed a clear advantage (48% vs. 39%) over NASA in terms of the expressed political alignment of Kenyans.




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