Kenya Power Admits Inflating Electricity Bills

  • Kenya Power has admitted that some power bills sent out to electricity consumers reflected an amount due that was in excess of what should have been charged.

    In a letter to Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) Director-General Wang'ombe Kariuki, KP blamed errors resulting from a newly implemented billing system for the inflated bills.

    Lawyer Apollo Mboya, who is set to file a class action lawsuit against the company, accused KP of abusing its dominance and promised that the case would be 'the final nail in the coffin.

    He further claimed that there was an elaborate scheme to fleece Kenyans being undertaken at the company.

    "I believe there is a big heist happening at KPLC and I have a back up for that; that is why I am confident," Mr Mboya stated.

    [caption caption="Lawyer Apollo Mboya"][/caption]

    He is demanding a comprehensive audit of KP to establish the true state of the government-controlled company.

    Mboya stated: "One of the things I have asked for is a system, financial and operational audit on Kenya power; this will settle many problems."

    CAK has launched investigations into Kenya Power for failing to disclose to electricity consumers backdated bills worth Sh8.1 Billion that they started recovering in November last year.

    The body asked aggrieved consumers to forward their inflated monthly bills to them through the complainant, Apollo and Co. Advocates.

    “In accordance with sections 31 and 70A of the Competition Act, you are requested to facilitate investigations by providing copies of your clients’ electricity bills for the months of March 2017 to date,” CAK stated in its letter.

    [caption caption="The letter from Kenya Power to CAK"][/caption]