Jubilee's Statement on Leaving Pangani Offices

  • Jubilee Party led by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday released its statement regarding moving from its headquarters in Pangani.

    Through its official Twitter account, the party refuted claims that it had moved from the Party headquarters.

    The Uhuru led Party also disputed the allegations that the Pangani premises had been unbranded.

    "The stories doing rounds online are nothing more than rumors and should be treated with contempt," part of the statement read.

    Nonetheless, a photo doing rounds online shows a crane unbranding some part of the Jubilee offices.

    Jubilee party symbol of Tuko Pamoja was reportedly taken down at the Pangani headquarters on Saturday.

    The logo shows the hands of two people meeting as friends and equals.

    [caption caption="Jubilee Party headquarters"][/caption]

    ”It is a powerful symbol about our parties joining together. The red is symbolic of the blood shed by martyrs for our freedom and independence, and the yellow is for the sunrise so we never forget that our best days are ahead of us,” the party stated.

    [caption caption="Raphael Tuju at a past conference"][/caption]

    President Kenyatta officially opened the offices on September 9, 2016, before launching the newly founded Jubilee party.