Jubilee and NASA MCAs Unite in Support of Sonko

  • Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has assured Governor Mike Sonko of the members of the county assembly support for him.

    Speaking on Monday, Ms Elachi added that her office would work with the executive to ensure service delivery for Nairobi residents.

    "The assembly will help the Governor deliver on the promise he made to the people of Nairobi," noted the county Speaker.

    In her remarks, she highlighted that the assembly had made great strides towards ensuring residents get quality services.

    [caption caption="Governor Mike Sonko, County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi with the county executives"][/caption]

    This comes barely two weeks after the resignation of Governor Sonko's deputy Mr Polycarp Igathe.

    Elachi stated that the assembly will increase training courses for members to ensure professionalism and integrity within the house.

    "My priority is to give members comfort and ensure they represent their constituents effectively in the House. We have started the process of capacity building for the assembly staff to ensure members fully understand the law dispensing their duties," she mentioned.

    Governor Sonko has been on the spotlight in the recent past following his deputy's resignation. 

    He is, however, yet to replace his deputy as there is no clear law on how he should appoint a replacement.

    [caption caption="Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his former deputy Polycarp Igathe"][/caption]

    Last week, Sonko explained that he will still ensure he delivers his promise to Nairobi people despite him not having a deputy.