Public Investments Committee Sends Away KRA Boss John Njiraini

  • Members of Parliament on Thursday showed Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) boss John Njiraini the door after he gave then "unacceptable" answers.

    Mr Njiraini was summoned to appear before the Public Investments Committee (PIC) to clarify on matters pertaining to the implementation of the Excisable Goods Management System (EGMS).

    The MPs had faulted the KRA boss for sanctioning the procurement of Ksh17 Billion e-tax stamps without going through Parliament.

    PIC members, however, grew impatient with the KRA boss when he continually declined to comment on the issue stating that there were active proceedings of the matter in court.

    [caption caption="KRA Commissioner-General John Njiraini"][/caption]

    PIC Chairman Abdulswamad Nassir was forced to adjourn the hearing after realising that they would not succeed at getting the information they needed.

    The Chair added that the copies of his response that were presented to the committee were also inadmissible due to missing signatures.

    "Your response is unacceptable because it has not been signed. We want necessary signatures to accompany certified copies.

    "Your responses are unacceptable and you cannot hide behind court to avoid answering our questions. I, therefore, rule that this has been a waste of taxpayers’ money and therefore this matter cannot proceed.

    "These proceedings stand adjourned and you are dismissed," the Mvita MP stated.

    Following a ruling at the High Court, the EGMS tender was nullified and the intended imposition of tax on bottled water and cosmetics overturned.

    [caption caption="PIC Chair Abdulswamad Nassir"][/caption]