Bus Rolls Into River Along Narok-Mai Mahiu Road

  • 17 people died on Tuesday after a bus they were travelling in plunged into River Siyiabei along the Narok-Mai Mahiu road, Nation reported.

    The Daima Connections Sacco bus is said to have been travelling to Kisii County when the accident took place. 

    Rescue teams, including the Red Cross rushed to the scene moments after the fatal crash.

    46 people were rushed to hospital from the scene with serious injuries. 

    [caption caption="Daima Connections Sacco bus that crashed into Syiebei River"][/caption]

    According to The Star, the driver of the bus lost control of the vehicle trying to avoid hitting an oncoming trailer.

    A conflicting report by the paper indicated that up to 15 people had perished in the accident.

    Narok County Commissioner George Natembea also reported to the scene to assist with rescue efforts.

    The busy highway has been marred by a series of unfortunate events, most recently, a crater formed on the road in what was termed as seismic forces.

    The Kenya National Highways Authority had stationed monitors along the road to ensure further disruptions were caught early without causing fatalities.

    The authorities were yet to issue an official update on the incident.


    5:15 p.m: This story was updated to include conflicting reports on the fatalities from the accident.

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