President Uhuru and Miguna Miguna Agree on Matiba's Wealth

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Resistance Movement (NRM-K) self-proclaimed general Miguna Miguna on Wednesday agreed on the fact that the late Kenneth Matiba was a wealthy leader. 

    Posting on his Twitter, the Head of State noted: "Ken Matiba epitomised what Kenya is supposed to be. He was committed to hard work and was willing to sacrifice all his property and wealth for the sake of the country. Kenya will miss him but we will never forget him."

    Captioning Uhuru's post, Miguna exclaimed: "For the first time, Mr. Despot Uhuru Kenyatta you are right: Matiba was among a few Kenyan elites who exploited their public positions to become billionaires."

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    Miguna further likened himself to Matiba since both of them have been detained without trial by the regime in power during their liberation movement. 

    "And yes, he was detained without trial, tortured and maimed by your TUTOR, MOI, the same way you have detained and tortured me," the Canada-based lawyer expressed. 

    However, Miguna dismissed the National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga for "being given a hollow title in government."

    "The presidency, executive power, public land and resources are not the EXCLUSIVE PRESERVE of two ethnic groups.

    "The handshake seeks to INSTITUTIONALIZE the CHAUVINISTIC belief that members of other communities only need OUTRIDERS, hollow titles, big cars and PR speeches at funerals and conferences," mentioned the outspoken leader. 

    Miguna, who has been a harsh critique of the Jubilee administration, also added that Kenya is not a monarchy and should not be only led by specific families. 

    "In political terms, a "dynasty" means successive leaders who INHERIT their power and privilege. Kenya isn't a MONARCHY. Our leaders must be elected democratically based on integrity, vision and plans. Our national and social problems won't be solved by (creating) dynasties," Miguna commented.

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