5 Best Ways To Secure Your Android Phone

  • Worried that the apps on your phone could be gathering information about you without your knowledge? Cautious about your privacy being violated? You should be.

    Data security has become a great concern for many and this is after the Cambridge Analytica expose’ by Channel 4 News which brought to light the underhand deeds the company uses to win elections on behalf of its clients.

    Their business model involves data manipulation and in the heart of it all is Facebook which has been greatly put on the spot for allegedly collaborating with Cambridge to share people’s information without their consent.

    So far, there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding the same but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here are some steps you could take to protect yourself:

    Photography Apps

    First of all, you shouldn’t be granting photography apps access to all your personal information which they can in turn share or sell to third parties. Even though there is a privacy policy surrounding this, many of us never take the time to read it.

    You should start reading to be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into and if you have an android phone, head on to Settings > App > Permissions. What this does is turn off permissions to data tracking when they are not in use.


    Another way of securing your phone is by locking it. A simple password or a pattern can go a long way to save you from losing crucial information in the event it gets lost or is stolen. Some phones have a fingerprint scanner that is even safer to use.

    Dormant apps

    Not only do dormant apps take up space on your phone, they also leave you vulnerable to attacks. Reduce your chances of being hacked by uninstalling all of them.

    Anti-virus software

    Don’t just pray that your data is safe, install an antivirus software to detect and delete malware from your phone. Some of these software also comes with phone tracking features to help you find your phone when you lose it.

    Password management

    One of the most common rules of the Internet is not to use the same password for everything. Cramming your passwords can be a daunting task but it’s worth every bit of sweat considering the dire consequences of having your data sacrificed.

    Plus, there are a myriad of password management programs out there to help you with this. Google for example comes with one built-in to help you manage your passwords on the go.

    A phone is meant to help you out in carrying out your daily duties and not necessarily compromise your data so make sure to follow the above steps to protect yourself. It’s also supposed to make your life efficient so that you can spend less time getting worried and more time focusing on the things you cherish.

    You also need a phone with the all new Android Oreo software like the Nokia 1 and which has 3 major functions; ensure optimum speed, efficiency and security. Nokia 1 that comes with the Android Oreo Go-Edition offers you the purest, secure and up-to-date Android version that Google protect and guaranteed monthly security updates to ensure your data is safe and sound.

    What’s even more exciting is the fact that with Android Oreo Go-Edition, you have access to the best in-class Google experiences (i.e Google Assistant) where you have more control over your storage and apps.

    You also get to save space as it comes with specifically built apps which are 50 percent faster and lighter on your device, capable of delivering a premium and smoother smartphone experience all round.

    Like I mentioned, all this comes in the Nokia 1 with its familiar yet fresh design- inherently coloured polycarbonate tough and durable shell.

    Boasting of a 13GB RAM and an 8GB internal memory, the Nokia 1 is definitely your best bet to a secure and sufficient mobile smartphone lifestyle.

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