Kenyans React to Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Royal Wedding

Citizen TV panellist Carol Odera on Saturday evening received backlash over her comments regarding Meghan Markle's attire as she wed Prince Harry during the Royal Wedding.

Speaking during the Fashion Watch panel, the Kenyan stylist expressed her disappointment over the bride's gown and makeup.

"About Meghan’s gown, I expected it to be more princess like. It should have been more- The makeup was also not outstanding," she explained.

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Annabel Onyango, a fashionista who is also a panellist on the show agreed stating that: "I expected a little bit more, given all the wait and anticipation I thought it was a bit baggy. These things need to be perfect but this wasn’t."

Kenyans online were visibly angered by their comments questioning who gave them the authority to recommend how the bride should have dressed as she took the nuptials.

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"Lol, you guys should be stopped. Simple is beautiful and classy. Everything about Megan's dress code was classy. She was a princess," one user stated.

Another added: "When will Kenyan Celebrities understand that too much make up makes you look like you have zero self-esteem and you have to cover that with a fake face? Mama give them a sign. Simplicity is attractive."

"Some fashion analysts believe that a lady must have layers of makeup to look beautiful. They are wrong."

"You have wrong end of the stick. Meghan is down to earth, simple and identifies. Stands in solidarity with poor and won't splash herself with expensive when millions wallows in poverty. I love her," one Kenyan declared.

Other took a swipe at Carol's fashion sense with one conveyeing: "The way Carol is dressed reminds me of the women who act as keepers of the shrine in Naija movies. Those shrine women who have their altars by the rivers."

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Robert Burale who was on the Fashion Watch panel noted: "She was perfect- Yes she is a former actress but she was coming here to be someone’s wife. Forget about Hollywood and what people want. The makeup is what many brides need to copy- makeup is not supposed to alter your look rather enhance."

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