Treasury CS Henry Rotich Slashes Judiciary's Budget

Chief Justice David Maraga recently requested for an increment in the Judiciary's budget but Treasury CS Henry Rotich on Thursday slashed it by nearly Ksh2 billion.

Interestingly, more funds were allocated to Parliament although it has fewer people as compared to the Judiciary.

The CS stated: "Additionally, we have enhanced the oversight and legislative role of Parliament and access to justice by allocating Ksh36.8 billion to Parliament and Ksh15.2 billion to the Judiciary."

[caption caption="Treasury CS Henry Rotich with the budget briefcase"][/caption]

Earlier this year, the CJ had outlined plans to ensure the smooth running of the Judiciary but those plans may need to be shelved for the time being.

In April, Court of Appeal President William Ouko divulged that after the appointment of CJ Maraga and his deputy Philomena Mwilu at the Supreme Court, their positions at the Court of Appeal were not filled in good time.

The judges faulted their president for not prioritizing the replacement of the judges who have either been appointed to different positions or have retired.

Justice Ouko further noted that his predecessor, Justice Kihara Kariuki's appointment as the Attorney General has also affected the courts. 

"After the exit of the three, we are yet to get replacements and that has strained our operations and proper service delivery.

"We also have a big shortage of clerks in our courts, forcing two or more judges to be served by a single clerk," he exclaimed. 

Ouko added that for efficiency, at least each judge must have his or her own clerk, however, that is not the case currently. 

"Some court officials have also retired but have not yet been replaced," he mentioned. 

The Judiciary's budget has been declining every year, a move seen as curtailing its independence.

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