Chinese Firm Imposes Secrecy Agreement on Workers After Racism Expose

  • The Chinese bosses running the Standard Gauge Railway is enforcing a code of secrecy at work after local media exposed local employee harassment scenes.

    China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) has asked its staff asked local staff to sign secrecy agreements barring them from taking pictures and posting them on social media.

    The binding document requires that the employees do not at any time share any photographs taken at work with any media outlets.

    A copy of the secrecy agreement seen by reads;

    “One should not post negative articles or writings or videos or photos on social media or Facebook or YouTube and etc involving SGR operations,”

    The requirement has emerged after CRBC was exposed for racism claims and discrimination against Kenyan employees.

    Kenya Railways MD Atanas Maina in a statement stated that they would institute an independent probe into reports that local staff were being mistreated by ‘chinese masters’.

    “The said reports have elicited emotions from the public. The outrage and disappointment expressed are understandable, and we share the same sentiments.

    "“We have taken the matters very seriously and should culpability be established against any person or persons, action will be taken in accordance with the laws of Kenya,” vowed the Kenya Railways MD.

    Maina stated that a Human Resource team would be sent to dig deep into the matter so as to ascertain the reports.

    He issued the Chinese firm with a 72-hour ultimatum to submit a report on the accusations for review by the Kenya Railways management.