Kidero Gives Standard Newspaper a Seven-day Ultimatum

  • Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has launched a new battle with the Standard newspaper over allegations of defamation.

    Kidero has given the newspaper a seven-day ultimatum to apologize for writing a story that linked him to Ksh 8billion theft at City Hall.

    Through his lawyer Prof Tom Ojienda he indicated that if the media house fails to do so he will take the matter to court.

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    He indicated that the cover story of the July 9 paper was defamatory and lacked substantial information to link him to the graft.

    The story had it that Kidero and nine county officials were being probed for embezzling money from the county through withdraws from several accounts.

    Ojienda noted that the article gave a hunch that the former governor had been conclusively investigated, charged and found guilty of the massive theft.

    “It is evident that you had no idea of what you were writing about but you were on a rumor mongering spree with the sole intention of making money through writing a captivating story!” the letter addressed to the newspaper reads.

    He accused the newspaper of being obsessed with defaming him.

    “It is clear that this was a move calculated by yourselves to embarrass our client and through him in bad light amidst his family, business associates and political supporters,” the letter continued.

    The lawyer further noted that the reporter who wrote the story never conducted independent investigations on the issue before filing it.

    The Daily Nation also wrote the same story but based on his denial.

    Kidero own s the Star newspaper and is the majority shareholder of Nairobi Star publications.

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