Sonko Exposes Fake County Government Officials

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko exposed conmen masquerading as county government officials and using his name to demand kickbacks from contractors and suppliers.

    On Wednesday, revealed that his office had received several complaints from people who had been conned by these imposters claiming they were acting on behalf of the Governor.

    “To entice their targets, they promise to help in accessing and processing the loans through partnerships. These are all falsehoods disseminated with the sole purpose of defrauding the public,” Sonko stated.

    The Governor further revealed the conmen were using his name to swindle cash from unsuspecting investors and members of the public who wish to get an audience with the county government officials.

    [caption caption="Nairobi governor Mike Sonko in his office"][/caption]

    He also noted that these individuals were soliciting for bribes and conning the public using digital platforms and other communication channels.

    “Soliciting and receiving bribes is a criminal offence punishable by law and any person masquerading as a Nairobi County employee or associating the Governor with such criminal intentions or act should be apprehended or prosecuted,” Sonko declared.

    The Governor stated that since the issue arose he had requested the public and specifically embassies and foreign missions to advise potential investors to be cautious lest they fall victim to these conmen.

    “Investors wishing to engage with the County should contact and deal with only authorized bona fide members of the County upon proper identification,” the Nairobi County boss stated.

    He stated those who have fallen prey to these conmen should report the matter to relevant authorities.

    “Those who have been conned should report to the relevant authorities. I assure the public that my administration has put in place proper communication structure to ensure all that its processes are above board and devoid of corruption malpractices,” he concluded.

    [caption caption="The Nairobi City Council"][/caption]

    The governor also addressed the free public toilet initiative which he had announced, stating that his stance on the issue of toilets within Nairobi remains as he had declared.

    “The toilets are free of charge and those found harassing members of the public full-force of the law will be applied,” the Nairobi governor stated.