Barack Obama Sparks Laughter During Sauti Kuu Foundation Launch

  • President Barack Obama on Monday kept the crowd in Kogelo, Siaya County fully entertained as he gave out his keynote address during the launch of Sauti Kuu Foundation centre.

    Obama, who was the chief guest during the launch of his sister Auma Obama's vocational training centre, did not disappoint with his sense of humour and well-articulated remarks.

    On taking the podium after Auma, Obama was welcomed with ululations from the crowd to which he responded in a heavy American accent "Habari? Erokamano. (Hi Thank you in Dholuo).

    [caption caption="Obama heading to the market with Mama Sarah in 1987"][/caption]

    "Its good to be back. It's joy to be back with so many people who are family to me and so many people who claim to be family to me. Everybody is a cousin," Obama remarked which saw the audience burst into laughter.

    Recounting his first visit to Kogelo, Obama narrated how he took a night train from Nairobi to Kisumu narrating: "The train went very slowly. 

    "Then we took a bus in Kisumu, this wasn't a fast bus. there were some chickens at my legs and sweet potatoes digging at my side. Then we boarded a matatu and it was more crowded than the bus."

    Obama went ahead to recount how he had to chase a chicken at Mama Sarah's compound to have it slaughtered for their meal after hours of trekking.

    "I was hungry, but I had to catch a chicken to eat. We scouted around the yard until we caught a chicken," Obama narrated.

    Another light moment in Obama's speech was when he imitated Auma's response when he enquired about her dreams: "Barack, my biggest problem Barack, I have too many dreams".

    [caption caption="Obama hugging his step-sister Auma on arrival at JKIA on Sunday"][/caption]

    However, Obama noted that one of Auma's dreams had come to fruition: "Today, her dreams have come true. Today we open Sauti Kuu Foundation sports, resource and vocational training centre."

    In an equally heavy American accent, Obama concluded his speech in Swahili "Mungu abariki Kenya (God bless Kenya). Thank you."